Friday, February 27, 2009

Jarom Takes Over!!! well for this one at least...

Well stephanie is on her way home to Oregon from Rexburg, and I got to thinking things like "Hmmm she can't get on the internet right now" and "I'm feeling a bit sneaky right now" even "I want to do something unexpected and pleasingly surprising"! But really it came down to the fact that I don't want to to anymore homework tonight, I've never blogged before and now was an opportunistic time to hijack Steph's blog!! This will probably just a one off deal... probably ;) OK, what are you supposed to do on blogs. Write a clever title, check. Make a little explanation to the post, can be pointless, oh big check here! Oh yeah and pictures, got to get a check on that one so here we go...

This is from our first trip with each other, so this would be in the first few days that we've actually seen each other. Isn't she such a beautiful princess?

This is also from our first trip, but in the great golden state of Cali! She mentioned once, briefly, while I was driving around dangerous turns on a rainy day on the coast of oregon, ok so really it was just down a straight bit of road. But it was briefly mentioned!! In any case she mentioned that she had always wanted to go riding horseback on the beach. This gave me an inspiration on how to woo this fair damsel ;) here is the result!

Ha Ha Ha I know she looks a bit apprehensive, but she really did enjoy it I promise!

Stephanie introduced me to the fashion of tie-dye!!! Tie-dye shirts are awesome, thanks honey!!

OK ok, tell me, who do you think has the better super hero pose! Don't hold back :)

steph!!! Or...


I would have picked steph, she is the real deal!! I mean, my stunts are pretty cheap. You can even see the belt thats making it look like I'm flying! Which I'm not by the way, purely camera work. Thanks rory!

And this here little architectural beauty is a representation of the gazebo that made it possible for myself and stephanie to be engaged!

Uh... yeah thats it I guess, I'm spent. Feel free to let me know how I did! hope this was fun for all!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!

Its finally here!!! I GRADUATED TODAY!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! I'm free!!! It was a pretty emotional day! I LOVE my school SO SO SO much!!! I have changed so much since i have started there and i'm so grateful for everything that i have learned and gained from it! I met some of my best friends there and now i have to leave them! Its so wierd, i'm going from seeing them everyday to probably never seeing them again! I'm excited and sad and exhausted and happy and pretty much every emotion right now but also very proud of myself for everything that i have accomplished! I've become a better person and learned so much!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

I PASSED MY TEST!!!!! I knew that i would find out today and this past week was TORTURE!!! I had design team ALL day today so it was killing me, knowing that my scores were up and i couldn't see them! As soon as i got home i kicked off my shoes and ran to the computer right away! I got 95%!! WOA! A lot better than i thought but i guess I am my worst critic! So exciting! Now all i have to do is finish my hours at school and i'll be a REAL Cosmetologist!!! YAY!

Also, Court, Ben and Kris and the kids are coming to Rexburg this weekend!!! I'm SO excited to see them and so happy that they are coming! They are coming for my Bridal shower...well, Court and Kristen are. It'll be SO much fun!! Here's a fun picture of the last time we were together! Its always a party! :) I can't wait!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine :)

Today was the BEST valentines day EVER!!!!! I've been away from Jarom for almost 2 months and I thought that Valentines day was going to be a lonely drag! No fun, and well, just lonely. I wasn't expecting anything and i just wanted to go on with the day like it was a normal day so that i wouldn't have to think about being away from him on valentines day and i even told him that. ha so, i go to school just like any other day except we got to wear red and pink accessories because it was valentines day and so i got up early to wash my hair and put on make up and curl my hair so i would feel pretty :) Anyway, i get to school and we take role call and i'm standing at the color bar folding foils and all of a sudden High School Musical 3 "Can I Have This Dance" song came on ( the song that Jaorm and I will dance to at our wedding :)) so i flipped around real quick and looked around because i KNEW it had to be something for me because honestly, who else is so obsessed with HSM besides me and Jenni?! So, I'm looking around trying to figure out what is going on and to be honest i was getting a little nervous because it felt like a movie or something and i was just waiting for Jarom to pop out from somewhere and surprise me but everyone moved out of the way and they brought me flowers and chocolates and a cute card that he recorded a message in for me! The next best thing if i can't have him!!! It was SOOOOOO CUTE! People were clapping and squealing...i go to a school full of girls, it's bound to happen when a boy does something cute :)...and taking pictures. It seems as though everyone knew about it but me! It was the BEST surprise! I felt so special! I have never had that kind of attention before! It was so much fun! I got a little embarrassed because EVERYONE was watching me but it was still pretty fun! He went through SO much to make it possible for me to have a special day! I'm SO grateful for him and everything he does! I think i'm the LUCKIEST girl in the whole world!!! He works so hard and still finds ways to make things easier for while we are apart! i couldn't ask for more! He's my prince charming! I hope everyone else's Valentines day was as good as mine!! Thanks to everyone that helped Jarom make my day possible! :) here are some pictures of the "Surprise" my roommate took!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!

I took my State Boards!!! It feels so good to have it done but oh man, it was SO SCARY!!! I went into it scared out of my mind but it was exactly what i thought it would be. They prepared us really well for the test at my school and i'm SO grateful for that! The girls around me were doing such weird things, it freaked me out a little bit that i was doing something wrong! But i wasn't :) Overall i feel pretty good about it. I look back on it and think "Ah man, I could have done that better". Or "Gosh i'm so stupid, i know better than that". Ya know, little silly mistakes that you beat yourself up for? GOSH! Oh well, i feel pretty good about it so we'll see! I find out my score in a couple days. They say a week but my teachers tell me they got theirs in about 3 days so we'll see! I'll keep you updated! :) Thanks for all your love and support! Now all i have to do is finish my hours at school! AHHH!! I move home in 18 days! cArazy!!!