Monday, February 22, 2010

Lame Blogger

So, I'm pretty sure I have plenty to Blog about but every time I go to Blog, i just don't do it. Lame. Hence The "Lame Blogger"title.

Well, Valentines Day was bitter sweet for us. Nate and Amy moved that day! And they took their kids with them! How rude! Right? I had spent pretty much the whole week at their house helping with the kids so that they could get packed up and such. What a blessing! I love those kids to pieces! I wish they could know how much I love them! And Nate and Amy too, of course. It was fun to Chat with them and spend time with them too! We are So grateful for the time that they were here and we got to see them so often! For their love and support and advice and help and YUMMY dinners, and just for some good old fun! We LOVE and MISS them very much!

We all spent the night at Ben's on Friday and then Saturday morning we headed over to Nate's to help pack everything up and clean. Sunday was the big day. They left and we all cried. Well, all the girls and the kids at least. I had a crying headache for most of the day. We took naps, ate a yummy Ham dinner and made sugar cookies! So all in all, it turned out to be a pretty good day! And monday, the ladies (and Kaci) went shopping! (we had to have something to look forward to :)) A day of shopping and good deals with the girls! Who wouldn't love that?!

It was our first Valentines day "together" this year (we were engaged on valentines day last year, but Jarom was in California and I was in Rexburg. Not the same) So we had our own little celebration on Thursday night. We had a DELISH dinner played some games and watched a movie. It was so romantical! :) I also made the traditional BIG valentines cookies! That was fun to be able to do that for Jarom but my goodness-How did my mom do 9 of those things! In SECRET! I was so tired of it after just TWO of them!
*For those of you who don't know. Its a tradition in my family on Valentines day that my mom makes these huge sugar cookies and decorates them so cute in secret and then ding dong ditches them on the doorstep. So fun!

So I got a picture of the cookies but I think that might be the only picture I got.
I have the BEST Valentine in the world! I am one lucky girl, thats for sure!
Now its time for SPRING, and My BIRTHDAY and Our ANNIVERSARY (Can you believe we have almost been married for one whole year already?!) and SUMMER and NEW BABIES (Court and Jessica, Not me!) and VACATIONS!!! That all sounds SO good to me! Bring it on!