Monday, January 26, 2009

Ready or not, here I come!

I got my acceptance letter to take the Idaho State Boards! YIKES! Its for real! The rule is that you have to have 1800 hours before you can take the test and you have to have these hours by a certain date to even apply. I wanted to take the test in February because the next one is March 23rd and i will be graduating in February so i would have had to come all the way back to Idaho just to take my test. Anyway, I was about 20 hours short of what i needed by the cut off date...PUH-LEASE! So i scrambled to find a way to get some extra hours in time. I stayed at school til 10:30 almost every night but I MADE IT! I made it just in time too, i had to overnight my application! On the downside, the day after all of that was done, i started to come down with something really nasty! I went to school until Jarom INSISTED on me staying home and going to the Doctor, so i did. he checked all the normal things you check with people are sick and then he stuck the swab thing down my throat for a strep test and GUESS WHAT....POSITIVE! UGH! So i've been feelin pretty sick but i'm getting better. I went to school for half a day on Saturday and did Jenni's hair :) but then i went home and rested the rest of the day! My life seems to be the same everyday, just taking everything one step at a time. Time seems to be standing still while i count down the days til i graduate, get to see Jarom and the day that Jarom and I will FINALLY get married! I'm assured that the day will come though!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. Its just a picture from my trip to Gilroy for Thanksgiving. I thought it was cute! :) I don't know where that silly hat came from that jarom is wearing but he found it and wore it almost all day haha