Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!!

Well today was Earth day and my school celebrated it!!! It was SO much fun! The whole school went out and did road side clean up around rexburg....well like the freeways by rexburg! We all had so much fun and then we came back to school and had a BBQ. My school is just the BEST!!!!! And yes, i did get to wear that sweet bright orange vest! I was one of the few lucky ones!!! here are some pictures!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jenni's Beautiful Hair!!!

Yesterday Jenni came into my school and i did her hair! She spent the night friday night and we had a fun slumber party and then she came to school with me the next morning and i did her hair....for 5 whole hours! haha it was a pretty long process. not the longest i've done though! She was patient and we had fun! we had to do a couple of things to get it to the color that she wanted but it turned out SO pretty! i was really excited about it! probably the prettiest color i have ever done! Not gonna lie though...i was a little scared when i washed her after the first application of the day...HER HAIR TURNED BLUE!!!!!!!! hahaha i could explain why but no one would understand what i was talking about. But it turned out so good and she looks beautiful!! Then i cut it and she just looks beautiful! We had SO much fun and it was fun to show her my school and what i do and stuff and she got to meet all my friends and my teachers and all the good stuff! It was a fun day!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Weekend and Utah

For Easter jenni and i hopped in with Amanda and Derek (My cousins) to Burley where my parents, joe, Andrew, and Court would also be. We all had such a fun weekend together! We made Easter eggs and had Easter egg hunts and just spent time together! Then Monday (My Birthday) I went the rest of the way to Utah with my family for the week! It was a BLAST!!! Exactly what i needed! We did all kinds of fun stuff! We watched the Joseph Smith AND the Emma movie......INCREDIBLE!!! We went bowling and shopping and we ate.....A LOT!!!! Being with family is the happiest place in the world i decided! i'm lucky to have the best family EVER!!! I got such CUTE clothes for my birthday and best of all....I got HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Pillows and a Blanket!!!