Monday, December 20, 2010

It's the most Wonderful time of the Year!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Holiday season! It has been PACKED with fun Christmassy (is that a word?) things! We kicked off our Holidays with going to California for Thanksgiving with Court, John and Everett! We had a blast! Family, Food and Fun! I haven't been very good at taking pictures so the only ones I have of that trip are of picking out the Christmas Tree. We had so much fun though and loved seeing everyone! We look forward to our next visit! Thank you Lances for letting us join your LARGE Thanksgiving party!
Jarom and Cute baby Charlotte!
Me and Jessica hangin out at the tree farm
Jarom and Sadie!

Playing in the pretty SNOW! We haven't gotten very much snow this year but when we did get it, we played in it! I had so much fun!

We decorated our pretty tree! We love all the festive decorations and the pretty lights! I love watching all the corny Hallmark movies and listening to Christmas music ALL. THE. TIME!

We got together with some friends for a White Elephant party, Dinner and games! We love them and spending time with them!

We went to Ben's last weekend for Mini Christmas. There is a video on Facebook of our weekend put to a song that we sang and recorded. Pretty special! :) Sadly, I don't have any pictures of this weekend! Lame, I know! But, We had so much fun! Thanks Ben, Kris, Court, John, Jill and Randy for such a fun weekend! We love you guys!

I made this SUPER cute Advent Calendar for Jenni and Michael (I made one for myself too. hee hee) for Christmas! It took A LOT of time but it was so much fun and so worth it! Jarom even helped me! He's so crafty! I was so grateful for the help, too! I am so happy with the way it turned out and Jenni and Michael's reaction was priceless! I'm so glad they like it! :) I also made Jenni a "Friday Night Lights" shirt that says "clear eyes, fully hearts, can't lose!" on the front and a Panther "P" on the back with the #33 (for Tim Riggins, if you don't watch the show) I had so much fun and was SO excited about the idea! We LOOOOOVE that show! If you haven't watched it, I strongly suggest you start! Here we are after our Gift Exchange! We usually do this on Christmas Eve but we are leaving to OREGON on Wednesday so we had to do it early. Jenni got me a BEAUTIFUL scarf Made by Danielle! I LOVE it SO much!!! I am wearing it in the picture but it doesn't give it justice to how pretty it is! A gift card for a yummmmy Restaurant and they got Jarom "Date Night". They spoiled us for sure! We love them and are so grateful for them in our lives! It's been a lot of fun living next to them! We ended the night with watching Christmas Vacation! Classic! These aren't the Greatest pictures, but you get the Idea.

I'm sad this picture turned out so blurry! I don't know why that happened!

I'm sure I am missing some fun adventure but it's late and these are all the pictures I have. Maybe I'll post that video of Mini Christmas if I can figure out how to get it from Facebook to my Blog. We have one more day of work tomorrow and we're off to Oregon for Christmas! We're so excited!! Hope you all have a fun and safe Christmas!!