Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yup! Baby number 2 is expected to arrive September 17th!
 We are very surprised and excited! 
I have been feeling pretty good! REALLLLY tired, so it's a lot harder with a super active 16 month old but we're makin it!
I feel exactly the same as I did with Evelyn! With the twins, I was more nauseous and tired but that's different because it was a whole different situation soooo....we'll see if we are just girl making machines or if all of my pregnancies ( boy or girl) will be the same!
 I am 11 weeks and finally getting some of my energy back! Poor Evelyn has been watching waaaay too much TV lately! I still limit her but if I need a little nap, I will turn on a show for 20 min. or so! It helps! 
I already feel like I look 5 months pregnant! That part isn't very fun! I was feeling so good, getting back down to my pre pregnancy weight and fitting in to all of my clothes and feeling like myself again! So I'm not looking forward to being so fat and swollen all the time again! EEEK! 
So, that's what we've been up to!
Looking for a new place to live with 3 bedrooms. It's rough! We're really hoping to find something before this baby comes!
In other big news, JAROM GOT IN TO BYU!!!!! We are SOOOO excited!!! That means we can stay here, Jarom can keep his job and our insurance and everything that comes with that! We are so happy and truly feel so blessed!

Best buddies (LOTS of pics)

I know some of these are duplicates from last post but I took some cute pics of Evelyn and Harlow that I wanted to post and I didn't want to sort through them! 

This is Evelyn's friend Zoe, teaching her how to eat the snow!


We didn't do much in January! Just played in the snow a couple of times so that's what most of these pictures are from!

 . ,We went sledding. Evelyn wasn't the biggest fan. She was also pretty sick so I feel bad now, for taking her!

 We celebrated New Years with the Woodmansee's playing games and eating lots of yummy food!

And being really silly!

And then Jarom and Evelyn got really sick! :( I'm glad that's over!