Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun weekend and 28 weeks!

Jarom got 7 peaks tickets from his work so we decided to go on Saturday with Joanna and Cody! When we got there, (at about 1) there was a sign that said they would be closing at 3:30. We wanted to stay all day, so we saved our tickets for another day and went to the Scera Water Park (just a water park in Orem) We had a lot of fun and it felt SO good to get in the water and feel the weight of this belly lifted! Everyone had fun going down the slides and jumping off diving boards and stuff. I just watched and enjoyed my time in the pool! Jarom was in heaven! He did not want to just sit in the pool. He was loving the slides and doing tricks off the diving board! Just like a little kid. It was fun to watch and I'm glad he was able to have a fun day!

3rd Trimester, here we come! YAHOO!!! We only have 12 more weeks to go! Well, if she's on time, that is. I am 28 weeks and feeling good! A little uncomfortable and hot, but that is to be expected! Still waiting to find out about the Glucose test. Just getting things ready for this baby to come! Trying to get the energy to tackle the nursery. I go in there a couple times a day hoping that it will motivate me to do something. It just overwhelms me and makes me tired so I leave. ha ha One of these days! We just have SO much stuff in there that we don't know what to do with. AH!
She's getting bigger and so is my belly!!

All is well over here and we hope it stays that way! Just trying to enjoy the rest of our summer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Evelyn Hope Lance

Is what we will be naming our sweet baby girl! We have loved that name and named one of the twins that. We still love it and still want to use it. I have always wanted my kids to have "family names" or names with "meaning" And wasn't sure if I wanted to use "Hope" still because it's not a family name. But it does have meaning in our family and we love it!
We picked the middle name "Hope" after the first twin died. We had" Hope" that we would bring the other baby home with us. We didn't get to bring her home but we will bring this new baby home and we are so excited!
We got an Ultrasound today and it was so fun to see her again! I have been used to seeing her every 2 weeks and this time it had been a month since I had seen her. She's a lot bigger this time so it was hard to get a shot of her whole body. We didn't get very good pictures but these are the best they got. Her mouth was opening and closing so that was super cool to see! She looks like she has chubby little cheeks already! She weighs a little over 2 pounds! I just think everything about her is a miracle! We love her so much and cannot wait to meet her!!

Good shot of her nose and mouth! Ha ha It looks like she will probably have my nose. Its kind of weird that you can't see her eyes or anything in this picture. Oh well, as long as she has them. That's all I'm worried about!

I also took my glucose test today. Got to drink that delicious drink and get my blood taken. The drink was actually pretty good. It tasted like an Orange Otter Pop. YUM! They had to take the blood from my hand because she couldn't find my vein in my chubby arm. She found that out AFTER she stuck the needle in my arm. Getting blood taken from your hand hurts! I had an IV in my hand when i was in the hospital so I thought I remembered what it felt like. I didn't. I think it hurt worse. Glad it's over! It actually wasn't that bad!
Anyway, everything is going well and we love our little baby girl!

Monday, July 25, 2011

24th of July Celebrations

We had a fun filled 24th of July! It was nice to celebrate because our 4th of July was a little hectic and we didn't get to celebrate much, so it was fun!

We went with our good friends Cameron and Virginia to Mapelton Days!
It started with a parade and then we went to the park for the carnival! Ben and Kristen's band was playing there too, so we got to watch them. In the afternoon we went home to take a nap (and give Jarom and Haircut) to get ready for the festivities at night! We went to the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert, which was SO much fun and they were awesome! They put on such a fun show! It was very entertaining! Then afterwards, they had THE best firework show! They were going off non-stop and there was music blasting while they were going. It was pretty cool!
It was a FUN day and we're so glad we were able to Celebrate! Thanks, Cameron and Virginia for such a FUN day!! We Loved it!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Every Tuesday and Thursday night at the church, my friend Shelby teaches an Aerobics class! It's SO much fun! She totally kicks our butt's every single time! She's so fun and cute and GOOD! I haven't been able to go for about a month until last night and it was HARD! I obviously took a break to take pictures! :) Sometimes there are WAY more people than this and sometimes there are less. It just depends. This was a pretty average sized group but still way fun!
Anyway, I have LOVED this class and I look forward to it every week! It's so fun to get together with all the fun girls and get our booties into shape! Thank you SO much, Shelby for teaching us! you're the best and we LOVE it!

We took a "muscle" picture but it was blurry so I had to use this one.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

25 down...

...Only 15 more to go. Give or take a little.
I am feeling pretty good. Fat, but good! I think the only real complaint I have right now is that IT.IS.SO.HOT! I can't escape it! I told Jarom that if we can help it in the future, I would prefer NOT to be pregnant in the summer! It's exhausting!
I am always hungry...for TREATS! Ah! I crave snow cones every single day! We finally got one the other day and it was HEAVEN!
My body is really starting to hurt. My hips and my back hurt real bad. Time to get back to aerobics!
I love feeling her move around! She's crazy! Almost always moving! Sometimes she kicks me so hard, it feels like my whole body moves! It's fun for Jarom to be able to see and feel her! It gets a little bit annoying when I am trying to sleep and she won't stop moving around, though! Oh well, we are so grateful for her and cannot wait for her to get here! I want to know what she is going to look like SO bad! I get a little worried that she might be funny looking. I'm hoping that every Mom goes through that phase and that I'm not some cruel mom who thinks her child might be anything but cute! We'll see soon enough!
Here are my "25 week" pictures. Getting pretty large! Please excuse the fact that I look like a rag muffin! It was a hot day and I was tired. Also the fact that I'm not looking at the camera. I looked too chubby in all the other ones. Ah, the joys of pregnancy!
Jarom calls this skirt my "rags" ha ha But it's SO comfortable, so I keep wearing it!
Speaking of Jarom, He went back to work yesterday and came home safe and sound! Yay! Everyday gets a little better for me. A little less worry, at least!
Our apartment is still not done! Boo! I'm going crazy! All my crafty stuff is in there and it's either too big of a hassle to bring it all up here or I don't know where it is. hmmm what to do, what to do. Courtenay is saving me today and we are going to go run some errands! yahoo!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Flood

Yes, our apartment really flooded 3 days after Jarom's seizure! We went to Target with Courtenay and we were gone for about an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. When we left it was sunny and hot. When we came out of Target it was raining. Hard! and thunder and lightening-ing. When we got home, we walked into our kitchen and saw tons of water. "Where the heck is all this water coming from?" We then go into the living room to find that everything had flooded! The front drain had clogged and so all the rain that had fallen, flooded in through our front door to the back door and through our kitchen! UGH! We couldn't get ahold of our landlord so we tried soaking everything up with towels. Waste of time! there was WAY too much water to even make a dent with towels! We called Joanna and Cody and Cameron and Virginia for help. Virginia saved the day with her Water Vac thingy, to bring up most of the water. The boys pulled up the carpet and the pad was SOAKED. there was nothing we could do from there except wait. Our landlord came over the next morning and got some people to start working on it. It has taken all weekend to dry it all up. The carpet will be fine they think but they need to replace the pad, maybe the drywall and possibly the wood floor in the kitchen. They have heater-fans going in there and it is completely unlivable! Everything is in shambles and out of place. It's a dirty mess and stressful to even look at! It has been SO HOT here and like 20 degrees hotter in our apartment. Luckily, we have been able to hang out up in Jenni and Michael's apartment! Its still really hot but at least it's a place to stay! Thank you SO much, guys! We don't know how much longer things will be like this or when we will be able to live in our apartment again but we are hoping it's soon! We are so tired and just want to go home! Life seems hard everyday but we are grateful for the little things in life. For family and friends who love and support and help us so much! For a healthy baby. For a place to stay while all of this is happening and to have each other through it all! Things could be worse. I just have to keep telling myself that!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our trip to the ER

No, not for me or the baby but for JAROM! Shocking huh? We keep saying "You're (jarom) the healthy one, I'm always the sick one. This isn't suppose to happen to you!" But it did.

Here's the story:

We spent the weekend at Court and John's. On the Fourth of July Jarom and John (My sister's husband) Were playing star craft (Video Game) upstairs. Court and I were making goodies for the BBQ we were going to later that day, downstairs. All of a sudden we hear a big thud. The boys were being silly a little earlier that day, so we thought that they were just playing around up there. We giggled a little bit and tried to listen for more, to see what they were doing. The next thing we hear is John yelling my name and telling me I needed to get up there. We ran up there and found Jarom on the ground. John told us that he was having a seizure. I instantly started crying and asked if I should call 9-1-1. I ran to get my phone and was shaking so bad I could hardly dial the number. I dialed it and then freaked out and hung up. Stupid, I know! You just never know what you will do in that kind of situation. I called them back and handed the phone to Courtenay. I didn't know the address. She talked to them and they told us what to do until the paramedics got there. John was awesome! He knew what to do to help Jarom and was so good at trying to keep me calm and letting me know that Jarom was going to be ok. He kept telling me to look at his chest rise and fall, that meant that he was still breathing and was going to be Ok. I couldn't stop crying and trying to talk to Jarom. He wasn't conscious so it was hard for me to think that he was going to be ok. He was unconscious for at least a minute (we don't know exactly how long) if not longer. It felt like an eternity! When he came out of his seizure, he was in and out of it. I will never forget the way he looked at me. He was so confused and didn't know where he was or who we were. He had no Idea who I was and that scared me! He kept trying to sit up but they told us to keep him laying down. He was sweating and had white foam on his face from the seizure. I was crying and pretty much freaking out, but when he would open his eyes I would try to be so brave and tell him that everything was ok. I kept asking Courtenay to ask the 9-1-1 operator if the ambulance was on their way. Apparently they got there fairly quick, but it seemed like forever to me! I finally heard the sirens and knew that help was on it's way. They came in and took over Jarom's care. I was so scared! They had the Paramedics helping Jarom and the Fire Department men helping me. Telling me what was going on and what they would do to help him. They kept asking me questions and my mind was going a million miles a minute, I couldn't even think! I don't know how long we were upstairs where they were still trying to get Jarom back to normal. Everything seems like a blur. They were giving him oxygen and testing all of his blood levels and a bunch of other stuff and asking him questions. He knew where he was and he knew what his name was but he didn't know that it was the Fourth of July. They kept calling him Jeremiah and Jeremy and one time they called him Bob! They loaded him up in a special chair to take him downstairs. Then they put him on a stretcher and loaded him up in the ambulance. Jarom was awake enough to know how much that ambulance ride was going to cost and kept asking them if it was really necessary that he rode in it. Poor guy! They had asked me if I wanted to ride along or follow them to the Hospital. I didn't want to leave him and just thought I would be worried and scared no matter where I was. So I rode in the front of the ambulance so that I could stay with him. When they loaded me up in the front, they assured me that he would be just fine and they would take good care of him. Through my tears, I told them" take really good care of him because I really love him a lot, ok?!" :) I was hysterical and said some pretty silly things, I guess. When we got to the hospital, they wheeled him into his room where a nurse was waiting for him. Court and John showed up a couple minutes later. What a relief to have them there! They hooked him up to an IV (he did NOT like that), took some blood, and did a couple of other tests. They did an EKG, some X-rays and a CAT scan. We waited there for about 3 hours. Jarom slept almost the whole time and I sat there and watched him breathe. I couldn't take my eyes off of him (still can't.) The test results came back normal. They gave me some instructions for home care and told me what to do afterwards. Dr.'s Appointments, further tests etc. and we were discharged. John brought our car home for us along with some food from the BBQ and Courtenay took us home. They stayed with us for a couple of hours and Joanna and Cody came over to see how Jarom was doing. The poor guy felt so bad about "ruining every one's Fourth of July" he wanted to go somewhere to watch fireworks and play games. We didn't do that. John and Cody gave me and Jarom a blessing and then everyone left so that Jarom could get some rest. I was completely terrified!!! I tried everything to help me relax while Jarom was asleep in the recliner.I just couldn't stop watching him and that continued all night. He woke up for a little bit so I moved him the the bed. When I say moved him, I mean helped him walk. I didn't sleep a single second that night. Every time he would move, I would ask him if he was ok. It got to the point where he would move and I would say "Jarom" and he would just nod, letting me know that he was ok. Ha ha I couldn't help it! I couldn't relax or stop crying. I just sat in bed all night and watched him breathe and move. I was so relieved to see the sun come up the next morning. I had been having contractions all night and morning (probably from the stress) but was too afraid to tell jarom, in fear that it would stress him out and he would have another seizure or something. I finally told him and he made me call the doctor. I went in that day and they gave me some medicine to help me sleep and the baby seems to be doing just fine! Thank goodness! That's the last thing we need right now!

Courtenay and Everett have been staying with us ever since. It really helps me to have them here! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful for that!
Jarom saw the Neurologist yesterday. He didn't tell us much but he did a couple of reflex tests and nerve tests and everything seemed fine. He said he can't tell anything until after the EEG is done. That is scheduled for the 12th and then we go back to the Neurologist on the 22nd. Hopefully they will be able to tell us something.
So, it looks like I won't be going to Oregon, after all and that's ok. Jarom really wants me to go still but I wouldn't be able to relax or have fun or anything worrying about him! Plus, I want to be here for the tests and doctors appointments and just be here with him!
I am so grateful that we weren't home alone and that Courtenay and John were there when everything happened! I could never imagine doing that alone!
We don't know what caused this to happen. If it was the video game, lack of sleep, dehydration, seizure disorder, or just some freak accident. We don't know why things keep happening to us but we just keep pushing through it. Taking it one day at a time and hopefully things turn out ok. Everything is stressful right now but there's just not much we can do about it so we are trying to enjoy our time together and relax. It's harder for Jarom than it is for me to do!

THANK YOU everyone for your thoughts, prayers, meals, visits, phone calls, help and concern!
Jarom is doing well, for now and we hope it stays that way! He is getting pretty bad cabin fever because he can't go back to work yet! He's busy doing some projects around the house. I don't let him work too hard though. I make him take breaks and drink water and sit under the fan. Call me crazy, but I'm trying to take care of him. I think he's getting a little bit annoyed of me! haha Oh well. Thank you, again to everyone! We will continue to keep you updated!