Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evelyn/ Fall update and pics

Evelyn had her one year check up last Friday. She weighs 19.5 pounds and is just shy of 30 in. tall. She has 12 teeth! Yes, she's is a teething machine and we are happy to be more than half way done with teething! This transition stage has been a little hard for me! I don't know what to do. No more formula, so what do I feed her that will fill her up enough?! I still don't know but my friend just told me that her kids' doctor told her that their growth from 1-2 years slows way down so they don't need as much food as they did in that first year! That made me feel better! I'm pretty sure she is the pickiest eater ever and one day she will LOVE something and the next day won't even touch it! UGH! So frustrating! I have wasted SO much food on her this past week but with some great advice from a friend, I am going to try something new! I will let you know if it works!! Crossing our fingers! We give her whatever we are eating but she doesn't want very much. I know, it might be because she's just not hungry so then why is it that when I get a cookie, or something like that out, she has no problem eating that right up! That little stinker! She hasn't been waking up in the night (from being hungry. Or at all) so I guess she's getting enough. I hope! We are still transitioning so she still gets two bottles a day but this is definitely going to take some getting used to! She is so funny and fun and beautiful and smart! She is always cracking us up! Who needs entertainment when you have a one year old? She is our best entertainment for sure! She loves to dance and "read" books and snuggle all of her stuffed animals. She is so friendly she waves and says "Hi!" to everyone! She seems to be a little show stopper everywhere we go with her fun little personality and her eyes. That is what almost every one's first comment about her is. They are quite beautiful! She has just started saying "cheese" and "poop" (Oh dear). I think she learned that one from when I would change her diaper and say it. That's when she started to say it at least. She signs "all done" and "More" we are working on please and thank you right now.She is WALKING! I still can't believe it! She gets better everyday but just these last couple of days she has started to really take off! It's really cute! She is just such a joy to be around and we love having her in our family!

We have been up to a lot of fun lately! I can't get enough of the beautiful fall colors so we have taken a lot of walks this fall!

We got some family pictures/ ONE year pictures taken.

(these are just a few that our photographer posted on Facebook. I'll post more once I get the disc)

 We went to the pumpkin patch and through the corn maze and got some pumpkins.

We had Evelyn's birthday party!

We dressed up like Mario and Luigi and Princess Peach for Halloween.
We went to our ward Halloween party.
We finally made it to the temple (thanks to Joanna and Cody for babysitting!)
I have been going to aerobics every Tuesday/Thursday night! Jenni teaches a KILLER class and I love it! I'll admit, sometimes its hard to get motivated to go. After a long day with Evelyn, I'm really tired. But once I get there, I am so glad I got my lazy bum in gear and went! And I feel so much better after I go and get some exercise and chat it up with my gal pals!
Jarom has been working so hard every day! School is really hard for him this semester so that's a bummer! Good thing it's almost over!
Oh, And this is what happened yesterday!

 SNOW!!! We are still enjoying it today and I LOVE it!!! I can't wait to get Evelyn out there and see how she likes it!!
I just think it's so pretty!