Sunday, April 21, 2013


Evelyn will be 18 months old on Wednesday! Where has the time gone?! She goes to Nursery next Sunday and I am so excited, sad and nervous all at the same time! I just can't believe she is big enough! She is SUCH a joy to be around! She has the Funniest, cutest, best personality ever! She is learning SO much these days and copying (or trying to copy) everything we say! She is getting better at talking and not using her signs. She still uses them when she talks sometimes but at least she is talking! She is pretty obedient (most days) and such a good helper! She LOVES babies, which makes me really excited for her to have a little sister or brother. Hopefully she will love it as much as she loves other babies! She hugs and kisses just about everything and LOVES her BFF Harlow! I am so sad to split them up when they move next week! :( When she doesn't want something she says "No thank you!" and it cracks me up every time! When we ask her to throw something away or put something in the laundry, she does it! And when we tell her it's time to change her diaper she will lay down where we change her diapers. She eats just about everything BUT food! UGH! She is such a picky eater some days and a good eater other days and eats paper, crayons, her puzzles and books. UGH! I thought that would go away once she got all her teeth but it hasn't! She is ALWAYS going after my toes, too! I think it's the nail polish. Maybe she thinks it's candy? I don't know! Silly girl! She has also started sucking on her own toes! hahah She really is a character! She is such a sweet girl and we enjoy her SO much! She's the BEST! Most days! :)

As for our other baby...I am 19 weeks and get to find out what we're having next week! I have started to feel it move for a couple weeks now and I'm FINALLY starting to feel like this is real! We're really having another baby! AH! I can't wait to find out what it is! Evelyn keeps saying sister but maybe she just doesn't like saying brother? I don't know! As for me, I keep going back and forth! I keep having dreams that it's a boy but I feel exactly the same as I did when I was pregnant with my girls so who knows?! We will be so excited either way! I would LOVE to have another girl to dress up and for Evelyn to have a little sister to be best friends with but having a boy would be a fun new adventure and i think they would be best friends either way! 

I need to get better at posting pictures! But for now, here are a bunch of pics of life lately! :)
 Story time in the tunnel with Daddy!
 She loves snuggling in her new chair!
 Best friends making each other giggle in the car
 She fell asleep on Daddy while watching conference! Evelyn snuggles are heavenly!
 And here she is sucking on her own toes! Oh boy!
Reading with Daddy! She LOVES books right now!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter and the Zoo

Jarom had Good Friday off and the weather was BEAUTIFUL so we decided to take Evelyn to the Zoo! I had wanted to take her for a long time but the weather was always so crummy so it was finally nice and we got to go! I LOVED it! I think I was more excited than Evelyn was! I can't remember the last time I went to the Zoo but it was so awesome! And I feel like now that I am older, I appreciate it more! Those animals just fascinate me!  Evelyn liked it too. She would wave and say "HI!" to all the animals and watch them for a minute and then she was done! Ha ha  I think she likes the animals that she can interact with more! Like dogs and cats! Oh my! She LOVES them! That's why I thought she would love the Zoo so much! 
Then we went to "this is the place" it was fun!
Perfect start to a long weekend with my little family!

 She wanted ALL the stuffed animals!
So we picked out this cute Elephant (that was on sale) for her. She cried when we took it away to pay for it! She loves it!


 The Easter Bunny came!

 This girl was CRAZY that day! Totally HYPED up on sugar! Woops!
 This was the best picture I could get of her! I was sad but I got over it pretty quick because it was just too frustrating trying to get a good picture of her.
 First Easter Egg hunt!

 She found the goodies!
And tried to steal Harlow's goodies when I wouldn't let her have any more of her own! Stinker!