Saturday, December 13, 2008

Engagement Pictures! :)

So when Jarom came to Rexburg, we took the oppotunity to take our engagement pictures! Jenni found this GREAT, CUTE, FUN girl/woman ha ha to take our pictures! She also took my Bridal pictures and I LOVE them! I am so grateful for her and the beautiful job she has done with our pictures! We had so much fun with her and together! Jarom was a little camera shy at first but they turned out just how i wanted them to be and i LOVE them! Here are a couple of them, or actully more than a couple :) I can't help it...i love to put lots of pictures up! Take a look and them and let me know Which one is your favorite! :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to be thankful for!

This week has been so fun and has really made me think about everything I'm thankful for. This was my first year away from home for thanksgiving, it made me REALLY thankful for my family and to be with Jarom and that his family let me come and spend Thanksgiving with them! Jarom came to Rexburg saturday...SAFELY (Barely) and he got to see my school and spend time with some of his friends there and take our engagement pictures :) While he was there, my roommates "surprised" us with a romantic candle lit dinner! It was super great! We had a fun drive to california, LONG but fun! I just really home sick and was pretty sad the day before Thanksgiving but Jarom was right there with me! He's so great! :) Thanksgiving day was SO fun! I did a LOT better than i thought i would to be honest! haha We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and made candy turkeys and ate lots of yummy food and spent time with family! The day after Thanksgiving we woke up early and went shopping and got a Christmas tree with the family! I had so much fun! I definately missed being home but had a lot of fun with my soon to be in-laws! We also went to the Oakland Temple to see the christmas lights on it light up. We went in the RV and ate dinner and waited for the lights to turn on. it happened a lot later than we thought it would but we had fun playing around and talking and spending time together! On sunday we made graham cracker houses with candy and frosting. Its a tradition in the Lance family so it was fun for me to be a part of it this year :) Jarom and I made a gazeebo just like the one we got engaged in. Its pretty cute, i'll post picture of that later! We LOVED spending time together and look forward to our future! Here are some pictures of our fun Thanksgiving together! WARNING: Picture overload!

At the Temple. I think Jarom looks so handsome in this picture ;)

Waiting in the RV for the lights to turn on. Staring at the temple while nothing was happending hahaha

Jarom and I also took a little drive to Monterey to drop his cousin, Joseph off. We stopped and spent some time at the Beach. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Joanna had this bright idea to make popcorn things to string around the tree so she did it, Janae and i tried to help but our needle was too big and the popcorn kept breaking so i gave up and actually didn't help at all but i posed so it looked like i was doing something haha We had fun!

Romantic candle lit dinner! :)

getting the christmas tree! So exciting! :)

Everyone had to take a turn cutting down the tree, I of course didn't make a dent but it was fun. And funny haha

Everyone was playing with baby Sadie after dinner, she was being so cute and fun! :)

Joseph, Jarom, me and Joanna before we stuffed ourselves with yummy food!

Making candy turkeys

Thanks to everyone who made my week so fun and to Jarom for coming ALL the way to Rexburg to see me and spend time with me and to the Lance family for letting me come crash their Thanksgiving! I am so blessed and thankful for it all! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ha ha This picture makes me giggle! We were being silly one day and he was showing me how to "properly" smell a flower and i accidentally took a picture of him! :) hehe I'll blog about Disneyland later. I don't have my computer or my camera cord so i can't share pictures, and words just wouldn't give it justice! Just know that we had the BEST time together! Anyway, I just wanted to Blog about Jarom today! Which explains the picture! I just don't like blogging without pictures and this one was funny! I feel so lucky and blessed to have him in my life! He truly is a dream come true! He's a huge part of my life right now and what keeps me going everyday so i wanted to blog about him! :)

These are 10 things i LOVE about Jarom (There are way more things that i love, but that would just make a forever long blog):

1. He makes me SO happy! He always knows what to do to make things better!

2. He makes me LAUGH all the time! He's always doing funny things, sometimes on accident, but still so funny! He's such a good sport!

3. He works SO hard! He works full time and goes to school at night and no matter how much he hates his teachers and classes, he still works hard and does so well! I'm so proud!

4. He's so super HANDSOME and always telling me how beautiful I am. :)

5. He has such a strong testimony and values and loves the church and it's teachings and lives them everyday!

6. He's such a good example to me and those around him!

7. He loves and supports me with everyting i do! Its so nice to have that!!

8. He loves his family so much! I know that he will be such a good dad!

9. He thinks farts are funny! hahahaha

10. He supports my obsession, High School Musical!

.....and so much more! yup, he's my true love! :) I admire all that he does everyday! It is SO hard being apart, nothing nearly as hard as court and john, but still so hard. He finds ways of showing me that he loves me even when he's not here! I am so grateful for everything he does! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something to blog about

So, here's the deal! I've been reading everyone's blogs and looking at their cute pictures and reading about their fun adventures and starting to feel really left out and miss my computer! This whole "no computer" thing is really crampin my style, so i decided to do something about it. Not fix my computer, I WISH! But to find something to blog about! :) Not much is going on in my life, just going to school, coming home, eating, talking to Jarom, and going to bed. That's my typical night. Except for Wednesday nights, I have an Eternal Marriage Institute class at BYU-I! I LOVE it! I look forward to it all week long! Jack Weyland and his wife teach it and they're so cute and fun! They have a lot of good advice and tips for marriage! I wish Jarom could take it with me but i guess i'll just have to teach him how to be a good husband! haha :) just kidding! We have finally set our wedding date for April 17, 2009! EXCITING but so far away! Everyday seems to crawl by but we'll get there! We've got some fun things to look forward to like......DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!! I get to go to Disneyland with Jarom and the company he works for! Even though we're not married yet!!! How cool is that! I feel special! :)its been 3 years since i've been to Disneyland and i can't wait!! I love how happy it is there and the atmosphere and being able to be there with Jarom will make everything so magical!! Jarom's Sisters, Jessica and Joanna and brother in law Rory and Niece Sadie will also be going!! Thats a party all in itself, Disneyland is just a bonus! :) we're counting down the days until we get to see eachother! It's almost been 2 months and we only have 5 days left!! It seems like it'll never get here! Anyway, that's my exciting life at the moment and i feel so much better now that i have blogged! I'm cool again! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

When Jarom came to Oregon

So, we did lots of other fun things when Jarom came to Oregon. I just had to post about the important stuff first so now i'll post the other stuff! haha This is all mostly in one day! holy moly it was exciting! So first, we went to the Saturday Market! Always a fun adventure! Then we headed out to the Rose Gardens where, ya know it all went down! after that we went to Clear Lake with my family!!! It was SO Much fun!!! We rented little boats and floated around and looked at cool stuff!! It was really fun! On sunday we opened my "temple box" or whatever you call it. When i was in young womens, we all made a little box that we filled with all kinds of wedding stuff like what we wanted our wedding dress to look like and how many kids we wanted and i wrote a note to my future husband and all kinds of fun stuff. So we opened it up! It was so funny to see all the things that i had picked out and said! My letter to Jarom was so corny! it made my mom cry! haha But it was so much fun to be able to open it and look at all of that stuff with him! I have finally found my true love! :) Anyway, sorry this is such a short post! I actually just wanted to post so that i could post some of these cute pictures hahahah!
At the Saturday Market!

I liked this one of us looking at my new shiny ring!
I couldn't stop looking at my ring in the sun! It was SO shiny and i was always showing everyone!!!

Ha ha this picture makes me laugh! Mom and Scooter were doing something to each other that made them have silly faces!!!

My cute dad!!!
The Temple box! we were reading my letter to Jarom! cute!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guess What.............

That's right!!! I'm ENGAGED!!!!! Jarom popped the question this afternoon! He took me to the Rose Gardens, where we danced last time he was here, in the Gazebo. He asked me to dance and told me how much he loved me and we just talked. At this point i knew what was coming and i was so nervous! He told me about an old Welsh Tradition( He went on his mission to England, which included Wales) where young men carved wooden spoons and offered it to the girl he loved as a token of affection. He then pulled out a spoon for me that he had gotten when he was on his mission to someday give to the girl he loved...ME! I was so excited and nervous and giddy, i knew what i was going to get next! haha He told me that he wanted to spend Eternity with me, in so many words and got down on one knee and opened a box with a BEAUTIFUL Diamond ring in it! AHHHHH! I saw him getting on his knee and instantly put my hands over my mouth and asked him what he was doing, even though i knew exactly what he was doing! hahaha Then i cried tears of JOY and couldn't say anything but oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! haha It took me forever to say yes, not because i was going to say no, i just didn't know how to say anything but "oh my gosh"! He just knelt there looking at me and laughing and finally he said "Sooooooo?" and of course i said YES!!! It was so magical! I've found the man of my dreams!! I'm so lucky!
He brought scooter along to capture the moment. of course, he wasn't there when it all went down. He was hiding in some bushes, or as he told me "going to the bathroom" taking pictures of the whole thing! Good idea!! I was really glad that he caught it all! We've had such a wonderful day together and can't stop looking at my beautiful ring! i still can't believe its mine! It's so perfect! he did a good job!!!! To answer any question, we don't have a date yet! haha but we will soon....hopefully!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike"

I love riding bikes! I didn't used to, and Court is going to get so mad at me for saying it because when we were younger, she would BEG and BEG me to ride bikes with her and i always told her no. I think i felt like i was too cool for riding bikes or something, i dunno! Sorry Court! But i really love it now! My dad, Scooter and I have been going on Bike rides together and they're so much fun! The bike path and the River are so pretty and its just fun to spend time with them. We'll usually stop and look at things and talk and laugh and stuff, its just really great! Joe came with us one time and it was so much fun to hang out with him for a while. He's pretty fun! There are wild Blackberries growing everywhere and they're so yummy! We always stop and pick some for a little bit! YUM! The whole bike riding thing is so wonderful, you get to spend time with your family, or friends or whoever you go with. Its great exercise, I feel so good after a nice long bike ride with some of my favorite boys/men! hehe I get to see the pretty nature and eat some really yummy blackberries...what more could you ask for. Well ok, its not everything but it IS really fun! Anyway, here are some pictures of our fun biking adventures!

Ha ha Joe kind of looks like a creep in this picture. He doesn't usually look like that i promise! I think it's pretty funny, but if you don't know him you might think that i have a pretty creepy brother. I guess it doesn't help that they thought it would be cool to try and ruin the picture. I don't think they ruined it, i think they made it better. it's pretty funny!

I'm a pretty lucky girl! My dad's the best!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today was Dad and Carol's Birthday! We had a yummy dinner and yummy cake and lots of other treats! It was a fun day! Another year older! Here are some funny pictures from the night! it was a PARTY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!