Friday, January 18, 2008

My Ice Cream Flavor

It's a great day at The Hair Academy

Ok so today was a GREAT day at school! Some of the girls had just gotten back from a seminar called's a really big deal in the world of cosmetology and only 100 girls are chosen in the counrty and 3 of the girls from our school got to go and so they taght a class on what they had learned from all the famous hair people and really downplaying how incredible this is but i just don't know how to explain it and even if i did, i don't know that any of you would understand but well....just know that its and AWESOME thing! So they taught this AMAZING class about, well everything really. The whole time i couldn't help but think about how lucky i am....i go to an AMAZING school, i have friends and family who support me and love me more than i could ever imagine. i know that i couldn't do anything i am doing without them and i was crying just thinking about how much i am loved! I have been having a rough couple of days but things just seem to be going my way lately i mean, going to the temple and i swear this class today was all for me! haha it just helped me to realize that this is where i am suppose to be and i have finally made it!!!! i'm here accomplishing something that i have been working for!!! I am on my way and i can't wait!!! i am So happy!!!!! i honestly wish that everyone could attend my school for just a day and experience the feeling that i feel every single day!!! I feel kind of corny but really i had the best day!!! i just came home and had to lay down because my mind of overflowing with ideas and thoughts about my future and who i am and what i am grateful for! i can finally say that i am happy with who i am and i love myself....i feel so funny to say that but i realy do!!! i'm not being prideful, its just been hard for me to love myself or tell myself that for a long time! I want to tell about everything that i have learned today but my mind is going crazy with all of it i can't even put it all into words! i love being in a place with 75 plus girls who all love and care about eachother so much. i mean yeah, we're girls and we will talk and gossip and everything that girls do but in the end, we all love eachother so much. We all told stories about how crazy our lives are right now and the things that are changing and the room was filled with love and such a great feeling! i love it so much! i just cried and cried and cried!!! hahaha i felt kind of silly because i was honestly the only one but uhhhhh....i wish you could just know!!!! i just had a wonderful day and i want to say so much about everything. My flame was lit today and i am so ready to make it big!!!! Its just such a good feeling. I am so lucky to have a heavenly father who loves me and knows me and what i am going through and just what i need in my life! I am so lucky to be a part of such a great thing! As they say at was a great day at the hair academy!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going to the Temple

On Tuesday at 7:45 in the morning before school Vicki and I went to through the Rexburg Temple for the open house!!! oh my goodness what an experience!!!!!!!! There are no words to emplain how beaufitul it is. I know that all of you know what i am feeling. It was just what i needed and it came at the perfect time! I wasn't even mad to be getting up so early! i knew that i was going to have a great day!!!! i loved it so much!!! I couldn't help but think about how blessed my life is to be able to do soemthing and be a part of something so special! It was absolutely incredible!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sledding....SO fun!!!

Ok so this was my first time to experience some intense sledding! And oh my goodness it was SO much fun!!! kind of Scary at first but once i got used to the feeling of it, it was just so much fun!!! So we wre being pulled my a car as you see in the picture...ahhhhh i have never done that!! i was actually kind of scared but i was trying not to act like a baby!! haha it was just so funny! i couldn't stop laughing once we started going. My lips were frozen to a smile! I had such a wonderful night!