Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Months

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? 3 months already! It's not really fair that when you are pregnant and waiting for your bundle of joy to get here, time seems to crawl by but then when they do get here, time FLIES! Well, Evelyn is 3 months old! She gets more fun and cute everyday! She smiles all the time! She is on a pretty good schedule right now and sleeping well again (through the night! YAHOO!!) She had to go to Physical Therapy to get her head checked out. It's a little flat! The Physical Therapist said that she wasn't worried about it but gave us a couple of exercises to do at home and we don't have to go back so that's good! She is SO strong! Always wanting to stand up! Which is fun to see her grow and get stronger but it's also sad because she's not as snuggly anymore! :( She's a mover! She loves sucking on her hands which makes them smell like stinky feet! yuck! Oh well, it keeps her occupied and happy so it's ok! We love our little girl and look forward to watching her grow! Here are some (way too many) pictures! I just can't choose which ones are the cutest so....I post a lot!

Helping Daddy with his homework

Little flirty face
3 Months old! She didn't love the Tutu! Darn! I plan on doing another little photo shoot when she is in a better mood! Hopefully I get some good ones!
She was NOT happy with me for taking her picture! Am I a horrible person for thinking it's still so cute though?
She loves those hands!

My Beauty sleeping! I could watch her sleep all day! But unfortunately, there are things I need to get done while she sleeps!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Can't Resist!

I just can't resist taking pictures of this cute, smiley face!!! She is doing much better all around and is such a smiley baby!!! We love her more and more everyday! That's all. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rough Week and Pictures Galore!

Oh boy has this week been rough! First, Evelyn got sick! She has had the worst sounding cough and snot filled everything! The poor thing could barely eat because she couldn't breath through all the mucus! She coughs so hard she gags and throws up!! Poor baby! We took her in because I was afraid it was something bad but her doctor assures us that it's just a cold and nothing too serious! Good and bad! Good that it's nothing serious but bad because there just isn't much we can do to help her! We have the humidifier running 24/7, we are sucking as much snot out as we can, rubbing baby Vick's on her feet and chest, letting her sit in the steamy bathroom, everything! Nothing seems to work very well! She has had it for a week now so hopefully she will be getting better soon! She's hit a rough patch! We took her in to her doctor last week because she was screaming and wouldn't eat. I tried everything! She had been really fussy for a while and screaming and we couldn't figure it out so we took her in. He said it sounded like a little bit of Acid Reflux or True Colic! GREAT! The good thing about that though is that it almost always goes away at 3 months and she will be 3 months next week. So we are really hoping to get some relief! She is also WAY off her sleep schedule and doesn't sleep much at night at all! Which makes for very tired parents! Which brings me to the next rough patch! I got sick! It's hard taking care of your sick baby when you aren't feeling so hot yourself! Jarom stayed home on Monday to take care of the baby so I could sleep and hopefully get over whatever I had! I still have the cough and runny nose but no more headache or ear ache, so that's good! THEN Jarom wakes up in the night with a HORRIBLE tooth ache! AGH! He went to the Dentist today and got TWO root canals!!! Poor thing!!! So this is the second day this week that he has stayed home from work! Nice for me and Evelyn because we love having him home with us but not so good for our bank account! And the poor guy is in so much pain! It's sad! So we are looking forward to next week and hoping that it's a little better than this week! On a positive note, we are still in love and love our baby to pieces! :) Always good to be positive right?! Also, enjoy this picture overload of our cute Evelyn!

8 weeks old hangin out in the bumbo.

Getting pretty good at holding her head up! 7 1/2 weeks

She loves tummy time!
She also loves this bouncer! It's so cute to watch her discover all the cool lights and moving toys!

Super Dad! With snot sucker and spit up rag in hand! Nice!
Smiley girl, even when she's sick! What a trooper!

Sick baby! :(
Sick Mommy and Baby!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Evelyn Giggles

Evelyn is almost 11 weeks old! Holy Smokes! Where did the time go?!?! We had a WONDERFUL Christmas in Oregon (I will post about that later) but she got her first cold while we were there! It was pretty sad! And kind of miserable for us! She didn't sleep very well and was REALLLLLy Fussy and Clingy! Always wanting to be held! She is starting to feel better now and back to her sleep schedule! Thank Goodness! She is starting to giggle and it is just the cutest sound in the world! She likes tummy time and is getting close to rolling over! WHAT?!?! Since when is she aloud to grow up so fast! I can't believe she is already getting so big! But she is also so much fun! She likes to sit up or stand (with us holding her up, of course) all the time! She is always moving, moving, moving! I wonder if she will be an early crawler or walker? I caught this video of Jarom playing with her today. He was making her giggle so much! I just love it! Enjoy!