Monday, August 29, 2011

Recent Projects

We have been working on a couple of projects lately. Trying to get as much done as we can before Jarom starts school (Today) and the craziness begins! He has been so awesome and supporting all the many projects I want done before the baby comes! LOTS of painting and cleaning and such! Here are some pictures of them! I still have lots of sewing to do for the nursery, so no pictures of that yet.
We got this dresser/hutch thing on KSL for $30. It was an ugly sun bleached, yellow-ish/cream color. YUCK! Jarom painted it and got new knobs and viola! I want to put baskets on the top shelf for more storage and cuteness.

I also made this little stuffed turtle a couple weeks/months ago. I can't remember. It's pretty cute and fun! Just a little color to spruce up the dresser. I like to call her Lola. At first, while I was making her, I couldn't help but keep calling her "turdy" and giggle every. single. time! My niece and nephew are very "creative" when naming their stuffed animals or toys and just put a "Y" at the end of everything. They had a toy turtle and name it "turdy" hahah Get's me every time! So this is Turdy...Err...Lola! :)

This beauty was a project that we had been wanting to work on ALL SUMMER but never got the chance to! We got this dresser on KSL in May or something. With the intentions of doing this to it someday and just got around to it last week! Just in time! I love it! I LOVE the antiqued look! I want to re-do our whole bedroom Someday! Not for a while I guess. But this is a pretty addition! Much better than what it was before! I have some idea's for some pretties to go on it. Just haven't done that yet.

And this is the Car seat cover I made for the Babe. It's reversible. I thought since I was making it, I might as well just make both sides CUTE so I can have 2 in 1 right? Right! I love it! Sorry for the not-so-pretty pictures. This is the best I could get. The pink Fabric has little white polka-dots on it.

We are all ready for her to come! I can't believe she will be here so soon!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Quilt-DONE!

I finally finished the Baby quilt and I love how it turned out!
It was my first real quilt that I made all by myself! I'll admit, in the middle of doing it, I doubted myself! Ha ha it was getting hard to do and sounded impossible to finish! But with the encouragement from my awesomely awesome and sweet husband, and my determination to get it done, I DID IT!
I did call my sister and Mom for advice quite often, too!
Also, all these fun colors are the "theme" colors for the nursery!
There were a couple of things that made it a little harder like the fact that I chose to use minky fabric for the back. That stuff is SO soft and slippery and HARD to sew. But oh so cuddly and pretty and cute and nice! I'm glad I chose it ,now that the quilt is done and I don't have to sew it anymore! I was scared of the Bias Tape, too! I thought that would be the death of me, for sure! I wanted it to be perfect for our little lady and I think that is why it was so hard for me! It is no where near perfect but it is perfect for her and I LOVE how it turned out! It's so snuggly and CUTE and girly and fun! I can't wait to snuggle her in it!!! Now, on to the next project! I have a whole list!