Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're MARRIED!!!!

Jarom and I got Married on April 17th! It was the BEST day! Our family and Friends were all there with us to celebrate and it was so much fun! It rained on our way to the temple and on our way home but for pictures and the reception, it was perfect! How lucky, huh? The night before the wedding, my mom planned this BIG bunco party with Hawaiian Haystacks! It was huge and SO much fun! It was a great way for everyone to get acquainted! I don't have ANY pictures of the Bunco party OR the wedding! ( i took that picture from One of Jarom's Friends Hehe) Everyone else does, but seeing as we were the bride and groom, we weren't taking any pictures! So once i get them, i'll post them for sure! i'm so excited to see them! I haven't even seen them yet! After the reception was over and Jarom and I were gone, My family and the Lances put on a special little show and videotaped it for me and Jarom! It was awesome! They were all such good sports and great dancers and singers! haha Thanks, everyone for the laughs! We can't wait do fun stuff like that WITH you next time! Maybe for the next wedding...Jenni!? ;) wink wink.

Jarom had to be back at work and school the next week so we will be going on more of a honeymoon in June, when he is done with school, Disneyland maybe? :) but for now, we took a little weekend honeymoon-"ish" thing. It was really fun! We stayed the first 2 nights in the CUTEST bed and breakfast, in Eugene. It was so nice! Then we started our journey to California. We decided to drive along the coast and stop at random places and just have some fun and take our time. Jarom took some extra days off of work so we had until tuesday to get back so we took our time and stopped at some fun Hotels and Beaches and the redwoods and other fun things along the way! It was so nice to be together and relax and just have fun! Being Married is the best! I get to spend everyday with my best friend and love of my life! I feel so blessed to have such a hard working, loving husband!

Our Super cute Bed and Breakfast

Pretty day at the beach

First picture of our weekend adventure

This was on the Beach at our Hotel

My Studly Husband...aren't I lucky?! :) haha

I'm pointing at our room. It was so nice, The doors opened right up to the beach and we slept with the doors open so we could hear the ocean all night. So Romantic :)

This was called the drive through tree. We thought it was going to be A LOT bigger and WAY cooler but this was it. Can you believe our car fit through that? well it did!

Some big redwood tree's

Some cute little tree houses we got to look around in after we went through the tree

When we got back to California, i had a little bit of a homesick breakdown. But luckily, i had Jarom and My parents were coming in a few days for our reception in California. It was SO fun to have them here and SO good to spend time with them! we went to Monterey and out to dinner and then most of Saturday, we spent setting everything up with family and friends. It was such a pretty day and it was fun to be with everyone outside, setting up and listening to music and dancing. The Reception was awesome! So many people came and we had yummy food and dancing! We really know how to party! Jaroms favorite treat is Oreo's so Jan made him 3 giant Oreo Cakes! They were amazing!!! and SO YUMMY!!! It was a really fun night and i'm so glad my parents were there!!! we don't have very many pictures of this reception but once i get some from other people, i'll post more!

Jarom is so cute with Sadie!

Setting up for the reception

I finally got to throw my bouquet. I forgot to on my wedding day. My mom saved my bouquet and brought it to california the next week and it stilly looked perfect! Way to go mom!

Aren't these cakes AWESOME?! I'm still amazed! And in the background if you can see the thing of M & M's, The pink ones have our pictures printed on them! How cool is that?

We're back into the swing of things now and Jarom is back at school and work. I have been unpacking and getting things in order and trying to make everything fit into our little space, making dinner and doing dishes and laundry....ya know, the wife duties. Its been really fun! I love making dinner for Jarom and doing things for him! He's so funny, but he really does get so excited to have our dinner ready when he gets home from work! I'm just excited that he is home! I miss him all day but it makes it that much better when he comes home! He is the best Husband and we have so much fun together! Living with a boy isn't that far! Its only been 2 weeks! :) Jarom is really clean though and he helps with the dishes and cleaning, when he can! I'm still feelin things out here. Its a new place with new people so it's a little different but everyone is SO nice. I'm sure things will work out great and i'll know lots of people in no time. We went to our new ward on sunday and everyone is so nice! We have our first ward activity on saturday so we're pretty excited to go to that. Its a Cinco De Mayo Party and we hear that they always have good food. That always makes for a good party! Its nice to have Jarom's family here to help us when we need it and be our friends! :) I went grocery shopping with Jessica the other day, and we're going over there for dinner tonight so thats fun! I feel like i have friends! :) haha We are so Thankful for all the love and support of our families and friends! We couldn't have asked for more! We have had so much help and couldn't have done it without the help of everyone! We are so Blessed!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elder Mitchell

Its official! He's a full time missionary! Scooter...or I guess, Elder Mitchell now, got set apart tonight. I'm so proud of him! He will be such a GREAT Missionary! We will miss his SO bad but we're all so excited for him and so proud!