Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something to blog about

So, here's the deal! I've been reading everyone's blogs and looking at their cute pictures and reading about their fun adventures and starting to feel really left out and miss my computer! This whole "no computer" thing is really crampin my style, so i decided to do something about it. Not fix my computer, I WISH! But to find something to blog about! :) Not much is going on in my life, just going to school, coming home, eating, talking to Jarom, and going to bed. That's my typical night. Except for Wednesday nights, I have an Eternal Marriage Institute class at BYU-I! I LOVE it! I look forward to it all week long! Jack Weyland and his wife teach it and they're so cute and fun! They have a lot of good advice and tips for marriage! I wish Jarom could take it with me but i guess i'll just have to teach him how to be a good husband! haha :) just kidding! We have finally set our wedding date for April 17, 2009! EXCITING but so far away! Everyday seems to crawl by but we'll get there! We've got some fun things to look forward to like......DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!! I get to go to Disneyland with Jarom and the company he works for! Even though we're not married yet!!! How cool is that! I feel special! :)its been 3 years since i've been to Disneyland and i can't wait!! I love how happy it is there and the atmosphere and being able to be there with Jarom will make everything so magical!! Jarom's Sisters, Jessica and Joanna and brother in law Rory and Niece Sadie will also be going!! Thats a party all in itself, Disneyland is just a bonus! :) we're counting down the days until we get to see eachother! It's almost been 2 months and we only have 5 days left!! It seems like it'll never get here! Anyway, that's my exciting life at the moment and i feel so much better now that i have blogged! I'm cool again! :)