Saturday, August 11, 2012


Emmaline Grace Lance!

Congratulations to my sis Court and her family on their newest addition!
I love this little sweetie so much already!
What a teensy little gift from heaven!
I would snuggle with her on my chest ALL day if I could!
It sort of helps with my baby hungryness (Yeah I just made that up. I think) but it also makes me even more baby hungry! I just have to keep telling myself "Babies are hard too, not just cute and snuggly all the time!" 
I am anxious to get some more Emmaline snuggles right this minute! 
Good thing I'm going to see her tomorrow! 
Evelyn hasn't had the chance to meet her newest cousin yet because she has been sick :( but she is on the up and up and i think tomorrow she will get to! We'll see how she reacts. Lately she is CRAZY for babies! I think i'll have to hold her back! We'll see!
Anyway, I am just so happy that the little angel made it safely to us and that we all get to be a part of her life! 
What a blessing!

 Doesn't she look awesome?! You can't even tell that she just had a baby! You go girl! :)

I thought this comparison was fun! They have some similar features! Cute little cousins! Emmaline has WAY more hair than evelyn had. You can't tell in the pictures but it's a lot longer in the back!

We love you Emmaline!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Life is great!
Hard and busy, but great!
Last month we were able to go to my family reunion, definitely a highlight of our summer! We had a lot of fun and made tons of great memories! Evelyn got a new tooth so she didn't have as much fun as we had hoped but near the end it broke through and she was happier!

 After the reunion, Evelyn and I drove back to Oregon with my parent's for a week and a half.  We had SO much fun and hope to do it again but we missed Jarom pretty bad! We are glad to be back home all together again!

Jarom is 1 week away from finishing his summer semester and then we will have about a 2 week break! He is doing so well in school! I am so proud of him and grateful for all of his hard work! 
We are hoping that all of his hard work will pay off and he will get into BYU next fall and finish in the Engineering program there! We are excited for a little break before life gets crazy again!

Evelyn is 9  months old and learning new things everyday! I love this stage! I love watching her figure things out and see things "Click". It's also a lot harder having such an explorer around!
 She is a master crawler now and is getting pretty fast!
 She stands up on everything and gets into EVERYTHING!
 I am always catching her with something in her mouth! Her favorite thing to chew on is cardboard! I put everything up that wasn't baby friendly and I still find her eating stuff! She eats her board books! What the heck! I keep finding chunks taken out of her books and her chewing on the cardboard! Yuck!
 Sometimes she reminds me of a little puppy. She will put a toy or  something she found around the house in her mouth and crawl away with it. It's pretty cute!
 She is going through a clingy stage right now! She follows me everywhere and cries if she can't see me!  Some days are worse than others and she cries if i'm not holding her! Oh golly!  Sometimes it makes me cringe that I can't do anything without her "help" and sometimes it makes me laugh or even  want to cry! It gets pretty OLD but sometimes I like it. I like to feel like she loves me so much that she always wants to be with me or just that she needs me.
  It's hard to believe how big she is getting! She grows up more and more every single day! It's crazy! She is our best entertainment! She does some pretty hilarious things!
 She loves to clap when we say "yay"
she loves to play Pat-a-cake and peek a boo
she laughs all the time,
 she LOVES other kids and babies! Sometimes it takes all I have to keep her from totally clobbering another baby! She squeals in delight and shakes with excitement when she see's them! She tries so hard to keep up with the little kids running around her. She giggles and does what she can to keep up! 
Her favorite snacks are green beans, grapes, cheerio's and grandma (Graham) crackers, thanks to her Grandma Mitchell. :)
She has 6 little chompers and bites everything! yeah, everything! YOWSA!
I just can't imagine having another baby to love as much as I love her but I am starting to get a little baby hungry! Weird! After I had Evelyn I thought I would never get baby hungry again. Or at least not this early! She isn't even ONE yet for crying out loud! Sheesh!
 Anyway, that's our life in a nutshell! 
All is well and we like it that way! :)