Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Day...

Jenni and Michael's wedding day! Jenni and I were born 2 weeks apart so it was only appropriate that we get married almost exactly 4 months apart. We've kind of always hoped (or jokingly talked about) getting married on the same day. Close enough. It was PERFECT! Perfect day, perfect weather, perfect bride, perfect groom, perfect reception, perfect everything! I couldn't be happier for them! Jenni looked INCREDIBLE!!! Most Beautiful Bride EVER!!! Seriously!! She was so fun to watch! Everyone loved every minute of it! They were so cute and happy, it made everyone so excited for them! I loved being home with family and friends. Its always nice to get together for an exciting occasion. Too bad there aren't anymore weddings in the near future. I loved being in the temple with them. It was so cool to be able to be there with Jenni. I cried, of course. But only tears of joy :) Everything was Beautiful! I didn't take any pictures grrrr. But my dad did, so i borrowed some :0 Thanks dad! Enjoy!
Awwww cute
good opportunity for cute picture time with the Mitchell (now 2 Lance) Ladies...
And Jarom...
And court. wait-isn't this Jenni's wedding? yeah, but who doesn't love a good picture?
Wedding party! The outfits looked so good. LOVE the dress. Great thing about it is that you can shorten it and wear it again (27 dresses hee hee) except you don't have to shorten it, they're just perfect how they are. Good pick!
Jenni's "tender" look. Her nieces and nephews sang a song to them. it was really tender!
Decorating the car for the newlyweds. Always fun!
Perfect pick for Jenni and Bruce to dance to. Jail House rock! Go Elvis!
Pretty, YUMMMMMMMY Cake! Chocolate of course! they SHOVED it into each others faces. Brave!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A whole lot of catching up to do

The last couple of weeks have been PACKED with fun things! Jenni's wedding being the biggest so i'll do a whole separate blog all about that! We went camping with the Lance family, SO FUN! We went on Bike rides, ate a lot of YUMMY food, played lots of games, and just enjoyed being together! Then, the next weekend Court and John came! Yahoo!! We had SO much fun shopping, eating, shopping, eating more, shopping more, playing cards, went to Monterey and the Aquarium (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the passes), and hung out with the fam! Also, SO FUN! On tuesday Court, John and I drove to Oregon. Jarom couldn't come til Friday, he had to work. It was our first time being apart since we got married. It was a little rough but we were both really busy so it wasn't too bad. And it was only a couple days, so not too bad! We went to the temple with the Jolley's on Wednesday and that night threw a surprise party for Dad and Carol. They were So surprised! It was a lot of fun. We ate cake and ice cream and opened presents and played games. The next day was a busy, busy day! We spent the whole day getting things ready for Jenni's Bridal shower! It was a success and so much fun! Friends and Family came and we ate a lot and played some FUNNY games. She got a lot of good stuff! It was really fun to see everyone again! Friday, JAROM SHOWED UP! I was so excited to see him! I felt like we were engaged again, waiting for his arrival! We did a lot of flower stuff for the wedding and then court, John, jarom and I took a little walk by the river.I had to take off that night to Portland with the girls for the wedding. we all stayed in a Hotel, since the wedding was at 9 a.m. and it was 2 hours away. It was nice and really fun hanging out with the girls! It was a bummer leaving Jarom again, after he had just got there. Oh well, we had fun painting toe nails and talking about wedding stuff :) Next morning we got up bright and early! WEDDING DAY!! Ill post all about that later but everything was PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and jenni looked amazing and so happy!!! The Reception was incredible and SO much fun! After the Reception we played games with my family. We all had a LONG day so we were all pretty tired. Sunday court and john left, BUMMER :( and we went to church. After church we ate lunch and watched Jenni and Michael open presents and then hit the road. We're home now and i'm SO proud of myself, i didn't even cry!! I've NEVER done that when i leave home, or my family! I think i'm getting better! Sorry there's not much detail but i didn't want this to be a FOREVER long post and i really just want to get to the pictures! So get ready, there's LOTS of pictures!

At the Beach in Monterey

Surprise party for Dad and Carol

John Helped us get ready for the shower by mowing the lawn...barefoot ha ha
Food at the Bridal Shower

Bride to be

Trip to the River
P.S. I don't know why everything is underlined or how that happened. Oops! Sorry!