Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Evelyn's Blessing Day

Evelyn was blessed on December 4th. It was a great day! Jarom gave her a beautiful blessing and we were surrounded by so many people who love and support us! I don't remember much of what Jarom said, I was crying (good cry) and worried that any minute Evelyn would start crying or something. Luckily Jarom's Mom wrote everything down. Thank you! Evelyn was perfect during the blessing and the rest of sacrament meeting! And she didn't poop in her dress! yay! She wore the dress that my Mom made for me to be blessed in! I love it! It's so pretty and has extra special meaning! After the blessing we had a lunch get together with all the people who made it to the blessing at Court and John's house (our place is just way too small for a large gathering). After Church we took a couple of pictures of the people that were still there (a lot of people had to leave early). We went home to change and get ready to head out to Court's and then things got a little interesting! People had been telling me how good and skinny I looked so when I got home I thought "hmmm I am getting skinnier, maybe my wedding ring will fit now." So I slipped it on and IT FIT! YES!! It felt so good to be wearing it again! After about a minute of wearing it, my finger started to swell! YIKES! I started to get worried so I tried to take it off! IT WOULDN'T COME OFF!!! I was really panicking now! I tried running it under cold water, soap, lotion, olive oil, ice pack...everything! Jarom tried taking it off-NOTHING! We couldn't think of anything. We call Jarom's Dad to see if he had any advice and they were already at Courteny's house so Jarom was talking to everyone about what to do and eventually we just decided to go to the E.R. I was terrified! My finger was turning purple and I was loosing feeling in my ring finger AND my pinky! I knew that wasn't good! As we are on our way to the hospital, Courtenay calls and tells us to go to their house and they will cut it off for me (that's all they would do at the hospital) I'm scared that my finger is going to fall off (hahaha) and now I'm scared that they are going to cut my finger while trying to cut the ring off and SO sad that my wedding ring was going to be cut! I felt SO stupid! Jarom was so sweet and supportive the whole time! So thankful for him and his calmness! We show up and everyone is already there for the party and ready to cut my ring! Jarom's Uncle Matt is apparently a pro at this kind of stuff so I knew I was in good hands! It doesn't make it any less scary though! They tried to wrap floss around my finger to get the blood back down my finger but the ring was already too tight, it wasn't going anywhere! So they get out the Dremel saw! AHH!! (Side not: John got the saw for Courtenay for Christmas and had to break it out to cut off my ring! Thanks John for sacrificing your Christmas surprise for Court! And really sorry we had to ruin the surprise!) They slipped a tiny piece of metal between my finger and the ring and started sawing. It got really hot and was burning my finger so Someone had to spray water while they were sawing it. IT WAS SO SCARY!!!! There was a whole team of people helping out. It was a sight to see, that's for sure! The ring came off and the rest of the day was great!
So over all it was a happy day! We really enjoyed the company of everyone. We missed my parents but when my Mom was here, we put Evelyn in her dress so I was glad that she got to see her in her dress at least! We love our Evelyn and feel so blessed to have her in our family! She get's cuter and cuter everyday! It seems impossible that I could love her more everyday but everyday, I am amazed at how much I can love her!

And here's the ring! I didn't get a picture of it when it was on my finger but it was not pretty! Luckily we got it fixed (and re-sized) and it's sittin nice and pretty on my finger!

Ha ha this in not a joke! This is for real! ha ha It cracks me up every time! It's like she's saying "Ha ha, i'm ruining your picture!" Too funny!

These picture were taken when she was 2 and a half weeks old.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Enjoying life with a newborn

We LOVE Evelyn!
It has taken a while to get used to everything with her here (we're still getting used to it) but particularly keeping my house clean! I can't stand living in a dirty, cluttered, messy home! And with a baby, it can get pretty messy! There's just baby stuff everywhere! So much laundry to do with all the poop and spit up! so much to do and so little time! So for the first couple of weeks I was just trying to stay on top of things (Which didn't happen, even with all the effort I put into it) I just couldn't do it! Every time I turned around there was another mess to clean up or the sink was full of dishes again or it was time to do the laundry again and I need to feed the baby and change her and play with her and take care of myself and... ahhhhhh!!! Plus I was TIRED! So one Sunday I was talking to this lady in the Mother's room at Church about it and she just said the house work can wait, your baby will grow up so fast and will only be this little for so long. Enjoy your baby! So I thought "DUH!" What was I thinking! I know that it is still good to have a clean home but have now made a chore chart and everyday I will pick up the little things and do one big chore everyday like fold all the laundry or sweep and mop the floors or clean the bathroom etc. That way I don't get so overwhelmed with a messy home and keeping it clean and I get to enjoy my Baby more! It's a win win for all of us! Now this hasn't happened everyday! There are those days that Evelyn might need extra attention or something which might keep me from getting my "big" chore for the day done but for the most part it has worked out! So far. Most importantly, I have been able to really enjoy Evelyn instead of just surviving with her! haha Of course I have always loved her and having her in our family has been such a blessing but it was hard to get the hang of things at first and i didn't really feel like I was balancing everything very well. I love her more and more everyday! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter and smiling more and getting bigger and sleeping better! She has been sleeping through the night and making life MUCH better, for sure! I think I might be addicted to taking naps with her! We are loving all of this Holiday fun and festivities! We put up the tree and Evelyn LOVE is! I lay her by it and she just stares at it and smiles! It's very cute! We went to Temple Square with Jarom's family to the see the lights! They came to visit for Evelyn's Blessing. I will post about that day another time! Anyway, enough ramblings, here are some (lots of) pictures! :)

Christmas tree! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoying the Christmas tree
I can't get enough of her CUTE smiles!!!
Smiling at the Christmas tree!

Lights at Temple Square
We went to Trafalga and played Laser tag with Jarom's family! While we were waiting to play, we played an arcade game and won these mustaches. Classy!
Hey everybody!
Best little nap Buddy!
Sleeping under the tree! Love!