Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Little Gummy Bear

We're Having a Baby!!!
We will welcome this baby into our family on October 26th (or somewhere around there). I am 10 weeks along and so far feeling pretty good. Every once in a while I will feel sick but not nearly as bad as my last pregnancy. I am VERY tired all the time though. This baby is really takin it out of me. I would rather be tired than sick though, So I guess I better not complain!
We are so excited!!! It was a surprise for us but a much welcomed surprise! We are nervous everyday (or I am at least) and pray that everything will work out! Our Dr. Visits have been so wonderful! They have been listening to all my concerns and needs, because I think I have a lot this time around. They are being extra cautious about everything and I got an early ultrasound, which I was very thankful for! At our first visit the Dr. said that I was measuring big. OH GREAT! I automatically start thinking "it's twins!" Can I handle this? Will my body be able to take care of them? What are they going to do? Blah, Blah, Blah! Of course I would GLADLY take twins any day! We want them so bad! But I already have a fear of being pregnant and losing more babies and that we got pregnant "too soon" or sooner than they suggested. So we had an ultrasound to make sure there is only one and there is just one healthy little baby growing in there! What a blessing! I was measuring big because I have Cyst's on my Ovary's. They said it's nothing to worry about for now unless it bothers me, then they would take care of it. They said it is common in early pregnancy and would go away as the pregnancy progresses. So hopefully they won't give us any grief! When they did the Ultrasound I saw three black balls (one was the Baby in the amniotic sac and the other two were Cysts's) and thought TRIPLETS!! hahaha But no, Not triplets! Just Cyst's.

We have an appointment with the specialist we saw for the twins on Wednesday to see if they want to do the surgery (cerclage, Aka Stitching my cervix) again or not. My Dr. is very optimistic and doesn't think they will have to so I hope he's right! We'll see. We are very anxious to know that everything is ok. I have been very tempted to buy my own Fetal Doppler because I am so paranoid. We'll see though. I don't even know how much they are.

Anyway, Needless to say we are so very excited about this and feel an overwhelming sense of love from our Heavenly Father everyday! That he would trust us enough to care for one of his precious children.
I gave a talk in church today about Mothers and Motherhood and wasn't even planning on talking about the twins but just kept feeling like I needed to. I kept fighting it because I didn't know what to say and I knew I would cry. How embarrassing! So I ended up talking about them and how losing them has made me realize how special and sacred motherhood really is. Sometimes you don't really understand how important something is to you until you lose it. I guess that's how I have been feeling about this pregnancy. I feel so grateful for this second chance to become a mother. Maybe that's why I needed to share it in my talk, or maybe someone else needed to hear it. I'm not sure.
Sorry this is kind of a long post.
If you've made it this far, Thanks for reading! You must really love me! :)