Sunday, July 20, 2008

The start of something new!

The anticipation is over! JAROM CAME!!! He showed up at about 3 yesterday afternoon and we went straight to the saturday market! We got matching tie-dye shirts! They're so cute! We have been having SO much fun together and doing fun stuff! We went to the river and walked around and came home and had long burgers and ate some blueberries. Jarom even got the privelege of watching for the plane with us! He was VERY impressed! We're excited for more spent time together! Here are some pictures of our cute shirts! :) It's magical!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July...3 days late

We had quite an enjoyable 4th of July! We had planned so many different things so many times and none of them really happened except we did go camping....kind of! haha I had so much fun! I was a little worried that i might be sad that my family was all together in Oregon and i was in Rexburg but it turns out i didn't miss them at all! Ok, not true! But i did have a wonderful day/weekend! We went camping the night before and played Rock Band and then the next morning got up for the Rexburg Parade! i couldn't believe what a huge deal it was in rexburg! The streets were full of little kids and lawn chairs and candy! it was so much! It asted for 2 hours! Then we went to feed the ducks! We found a really pretty part of rexburg...didn't think it existed? well it does and we found it! Then we made our way to our friends BBQ! We ate delicious food and held CUTE little babies and i made my flag cake! I'm hitting myself for not taking a picture but i did make it and it was so yummmmmy! Then we drove to Idaho Falls to watch the Fireworks! It was probably the best firework show i've seen! it was really impressive and fun to be with EVERYONE! I just love the 4th of july! i love how much effort people put into celebrating our country and freedom! It was a great day! Here are some fun pictures. Keep in mind that jenni and i had JUST woken up in time for the parade! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its been WAY too long

WOW! This is a LONG time overdue! This will be FULL of pictures so hang in there! I've been doin some pretty fun stuff but haven't had much time to blog about it but today's the day! I went to my family reunion at Lake Alterus! It was so much fun! Courtenay came to Rexburg the night before and we had SO Much fun! We had a slumber party and got a snoasis and went to dinner and a movie and i showed her my school...we packed a lot of stuff into a couple of hours! Then the next morning we packed up and headed out. It was so fun to see my parents and spend time with Ben and Kris and the kids and see all the other crazy family! We played lots of games and had a stick race in the creek and had a talent show, which explains the picture of the buck-toothed old men that i call my family...i'm so proud!! I got pretty sick the last day and so court came back to rexburg with me and spent 2 whole nights! I'm so grateful for her help and support! it was just what i needed, some good sister time! She's the GREATEST! we went shopping and played at the park! it was really fun to show her around rexburg!

Then this past week jenni and i went to oregon for Kelly's wedding! It was Beautiful and her and Tyler were just so cute together! It was fun to spend her happy day with her! I was SO glad to be back in Oregon and be home! The temple was so beautiful! i can't remember the last time i had been to the Portland temple! After the Temple, the wedding party went and had dinner on a boat in Portland! it was SO cool and so pretty! Then the next day we woke up and went to decorate all day for the reception! It was so beautiful! The flowers and everything were just amazing! It was so perfect, they looked so happy together! On sunday we caught our flight back to Boise. Jenni and i had a fun trip and the adventure of a lifetime!!! Read Jenni's blog!! You'll hear allll about it!!! Here comes the pictures...get ready!