Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Shower Pictures

Pictures GALORE of the SURPRISE! Baby Shower I threw for Court!
(Thanks for sharing some of your pictures, Court!)
 Opening presents
 We forgot to get a group shot before everyone left! Oops!

 The "draw- a- baby- on- a- paper- plate- on- your- head" Game
The prize was a cute boutique style Apron and some Bath and Body Lotion. Courtenay's friend won!
 My cute little Party girl!

 Look at that CUTE belly!! I can't wait to snuggle that little sweetie!
 This is the blanket I made for Court. Chevron Chenille. LOTS of work but SO worth it!! Its so snuggly and CUTE!
 Party Favors! Burlap bag with Jelly Belly's inside tied off with a cabachon ring. 
 A closer look at the blanky!
 FOOD! Everything was GLUTEN FREE so that Court could eat it!

 All set up and waiting for little miss preggers to show up!
 Burlap bunting sewn onto eyelet lace

 Fruit Kabobs with fruit dip
 Marshmallow Pops!

 Decorated mason jars with Flowers. Just some table fillers.
 Scotcharoos with cute little flags

 Doily Banners
 Water bottles Fancy'ed up with paper and jute and crystal light packets so everyone had the choice to have water or juice and lets face it, It's just cute!
 More eyelet burlap bunting

 Supplies for games
 I framed the invitation 
 Invitation and party favors 
The pregnant lady throne! 
Also some tulle Pom Pom's in the background!

It was a huge success and I am so glad I did it! I definitely felt a "Party High" that day and might be crazy enough to do it again just for that! It was a lot of fun to see everything come together and watch Courtenay enjoy every minute of it! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Courtenay's Surprise!

I threw a surprise baby shower for Court on Saturday! I had been planning it for about 2 months so I was SO excited it was finally here!! It was SO much fun but HARD to keep the secret! As I was making  all the cute stuff, I wanted to show her SOOOO bad! But I didn't and as you can see in the video, She was quite surprised! Just the reaction I had hoped for! :) I'll post more pictures with details and all the cute stuff later! We are off to Seven peaks this morning so for right now just enjoy the "SURPRISE!" video!

(I could hear them in the garage, That's why I sound so impatient in the video! Hee hee! Also, more people showed up after she got there! And Jarom didn't stay! Ha!)