Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow day and Frozen Boogies

I LOVE THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been having so much fun with the whole snow concept!!!! i love it so much! it makes EVERYTHING so pretty!!! It was my first experience with FROZEN BOOGIES!!!! haha it was so funny! so the first night playing in it, i had gloves on and i felt this HUGE buger so i tried to get vikki to pick it because she didn't have gloves on but she wouldn't so i took my gloves off and there was nothing there!!!! i couldn't figure it out for the longest time!!!!! I finally realized that my nose was freezing and it was my nose hairs!!!! haha it was so funny!

Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree

So, it being my first holiday season away from home i thought that i HAD to have a christmas tree to feel some christmas joy! So we went to the Grocery store and got a christmas tree. We took it out to the car hooked it on top of the car and pulled it in the house ALL BY OURSELVES!!! it was pretty funny but it's so beautiful now!!! We went to Wal-Mart and got some $1 ornaments (Gold and Red of Course) and put some pretty white lights on it and it just looks SO pretty!!!!! But it didn't just stop there, you can't have a pretty tree and have the rest of the house be ugly so i got some wwrapping paper and went crazy! i wrapped up some boxes to make presents under the tree. I also wrapped up some pictures on the wall to make them look like presents and also the doors and window! AND then i made some cute little stockings with all of our names on them! it was so fun and it really helped me to not be so homesick! I have slept out under the tree every single night ever since!!! i love it! it's just so beautiful!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

We have Joined the apt. 211 Latin Gang!

So if any of you are familiar with jenni's post a couple of weeks ago about the latin people at her appartment you'll enjoy this one! So we have become quite good friends with them all and WE GO TO THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!! Yup...spanish music and all...we live it up and dance the night away!!! We have grown to LOVE them....well mostly one of jenni's roomies and all of her friends!!!!! They like to do surprise parties for eachother and so we are always in the "Know" for those and we help decorate and get snacks and just the whole thing! It has really surprised us but it is SO much fun!!! we love it and just laugh at ourselves!!!!

Me, Vikki and Jenni at the Latin Party!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Talented and Gifted...or just Tag

DANG it's been WAYYYYYY too long since i have been here but i finally got around to knowing how to do this whole tag thing so this is fun!!!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Playing dolls....A LOT
2.Making commercials with the arnolds and jenni and my sist
3.Playing store and movie store
4.Walking to Cash King everyday
5.Playing Kidsports sports

5 Things on my to-do list today:

1. Finish unpacking from my WONDERFUL trip home for thanksgiving!!! :)

2. Fix my closet....when i got home from Oregon the rod in my closet was broken and ALL of my clothes were at the bottom of my closet :( how annoying

3. eat some din din...i think we're ordering pizza...gotta love the $5 pizzas....with roomies it's like $1 each!!! sooo awesome!

4. Study for my theory test on friday


5 Foods I enjoy:

Ice cream

5 Bad habits:

1. I procrastinate too much
2. not showering
3. I bite my nails
5. Not eating breakfast....i know i know-it's bad! :(

5 of my favorite toys:

My Phone
My computer...thanks to my wonderful new Brother-in-Law :)
Vikki's gumball machine...yummmm
My scissors

5 People I tag: Well i'm a little late on the draw so almost everyone that i know that blogs has already been tagged...dang it!

1. My Mommy

2. Amy

3. My Sist

4. Da Mall (Jenni)

5. i don't know....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Handsomest little brother EVER!!!!!

Ok So these are some of Scooter's (Andrew) Senior pictures!!!! Can you belieive that he is already a senior in Hgh School? I just think that he is so handsom!!! I can't believe how much i miss him!!! I mean i knew that i would miss him a little bit but i missssss himmmm so much!!!!!!!! I am just so proud of him!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grocery Outlet oh Grocery Outlet

Today i have just really been missing Grocery outlet! I mean i miss it regularly...i know some of you may find that hard to believe....but i totally do! Seriously I made friends there that i will have forever and i really just loved it so much!!! it holds a special place in my heart! But today especially reminded me of the great store because today we had a party at school because I am out of core and we just had a fun core party all day. ANYWAY, we watched the movie Transformers( and for those of you who haven't seen it should! it's a must see movie!!!) and When i worked at Grocery Outlet one of our managers-John, had gone to see it right when it came out and i believe his words were..."If i could give you one piece of advice in life it would be to see Transformers!!!!!!" So we kind of all joke and laugh about that and so i finally saw it and it just really made me miss all the people at my former place of employment!!! Me and Jenni LOVE to talk and laugh about Grocery Outlet! We just miss it SOOO much and look forward to visiting when we go home for Thanksgiving!!! Here is a pic of me and jenni and good ol' john!!!!! hahahahaha

ALSO-Here is a picture of my Class at our CORE party!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First day on the floor -STRESSFULLLLLL

My first day on the Clinic Floor was today! It was a lot of fun to actually get started in real beauty school and not be in the classroom anymore but it was so SCARY!!! There were so many people watching me which was very nice because i had a lot of questions but it made me like 100 times more nervouse. So we had to do a Male haircut for our first one. It was actually kind of like a test so that we could advance to being on the floor full time. Anyway I got my friend/neighbor, Blake to come in so that i could cut his hair. He is kind of an emo boy and so his hair wasn't the shortest hair that i have ever seen. He told me that he diddn't want that much off because he wanted it to still be a little long so that he could be Troy Bolton (you know from High School Musical) for Halloween. So i was like " ok thats even better so i won't have to take that much off". So today comes and i'm actually kind of freaking out because it's a test. I mean i have cut hair like TONS of times but i have NEVER done it scissor over comb (if you don't know what that means, it just means that instead of taking the hair with your fingers, you just comb up with the comb and cut off of that....hard for a first timer!) So i was kind of nervouse. So what do ya know, i cut it too short!!!!!! hahaha i felt SO bad! it really turned out to look so good! but it was just shorter than we had planned. Its short in the back and longer in the front. i actually didn't cut anything off of the front. i just faded it from the back to the front and in the top i cut a fohawk(however you spell that) and then longer in the front, you know-the typical emo hairstyle. Which is what he wanted but it was just a little too short in the back. It didn't look bad at all it was just short. Everyone was like thats the best mistake you could have made blah blah blah but i still felt bad!!!!!! I mean people were taking chunks out of these boys' hair and it was all uneven. So mine looked great it was just too short. He said that he really liked it but i just wonder if he is just trying to make me feel better! i just don't know! i guess i'm just a perfectionist and i didn't want to make ANY mistakes going into this but really who doesn't make mistakes. i just have to keep telling myself that! So after that i had this huge 500 point test which was also So stressful!!!! I just had a stressful day so i'm home and ready to just hang out and relax. THIS DAY IS FINALLY OVER!!!! I really don't want this to scare people away from you wanting me to do your hair. I really am pretty good at hair and LOVE doing it...really!!!! It was just a learning experience. And i really don't understand because i have cut SOOOOOO many boys' hair but this was just different. Bless his heart for letting me cut it though! haha UGH i'm just stressing over it so PLEASE don't be scared for me to touch your hair!!!!!!! i PROMISE i won't mess it up!!!! hahaha So That was my stressful day at school!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My "LOOK" Book

So this is my look book! I had to make this for school. it's kind of like a scrap book for hair. You find pictures out of magazines of different hairstyles and put them in a book for your guests to look at for ideas for their own hair! I have lots of fun doing it!!! These are just a couple of pages that i have done!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ok so the whole roomie situation is kind of already driving me crazy which totally stinks because i have to deal with it for a while longer. i feel like such a dumbie to complain about it, knowing that some people have had rommates for like a long time but seriously its mad!! i think that my situation might be a little different! I don't want to gossip but its a very interesting situation! if you want to know ill tell ya later! Anyway i have a couple pictures of them. none of the crazy ones really. they are all just sweet spirits! I LOVE Vikki

My Obsession!!!!

High School Musical (one and two) is seriously the best invention ever! i love love love it so much!!! so much that i would actually go so far to say obsession! call me crazy but its just so darn cute! and who doesn't love good clean entertainment!!! gotta love disney channel original movies!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok so at school we have to wear black EVERY SINGLE DAY and it gets pretty old but once a week we have what is called "Dress to Impress" and there is usually a theme that you have to go by and dress like i guess you would say. anyway there was one week in particular that was especially great!!! it was called Thriller Thursday! it's basically Clash day but with a cooler name! anyway it was a total party at school. we had a BBQ at lunch and there were Balloons and everything!!! it was just so much fun! And can i just say....i looked SO goooooood!!!!

School School School...BEST place ever!!!

Ok so i am basically attending the BEST school ever right now! PAUL MITCHELL Beauty School all the way! it's seriously the best! I have so much fun. I do things that i love all day long! who wouldn't love manicures and pedicures and cutting hair? ok well maybe its not for everyone but i have found my calling! haha I admit at first i had a hard time-though i didn't want to tell anyone because i knew that that would blow over and i would love it- I just came to the conclusion that i don't make girlfriends very easily. Maybe i'm just not a girly girly or something. I can't really put my finger on it. They, or i should say we, are just too complicated. But don't worry for a second, i have now made some new friends. One more week til i get to be on the floor, cutting real people's hair-no more manaquins for me. I did have fun playing with them though.I mean really i got this sweet beauty kit with all of these cool hair things and i'm just in heaven. And who says beauty school is for dumbies? Well i have heard that on multiple occasions but i beg to differ. Some of the things we learn are hard! But so much fun at the same time!!! I am having such a positive experience. This school is seriously like feel good school! They teach us all kinds of positive affirmations to make you feel like the best person alive! We have this book called "Be Nice or Else" I honestly think that everyone needs to read this book! it has such great advice and will change your life in so many ways! Sometimes i like it use it as counseling, its that good! Basically i love school so much

New Experiences

OK so first of all, i love this whole "blogging" Idea!!! I am a FIRM myspace HATER and have been all along! it's just drama that i don't need in my life! i mean really who even likes drama? Not I!! So this is so great! I like to refer to it as the "Mature" myspace! So here i am giving it a try! I am currently living in the WONDERFUL town called REXBURG IDAHO!!! I am totally a first timer and have survived my first couple of inches of snow. It only lasted like 2 days but clearly i survived it. I have only been here a little over a month and so far having the time of my life!!! It makes all the difference in the world that i get to share every single fun, interesting, adventurous, scary, stupid, silly, funny experience with my very very bestest friend jenni! She is a living proof that Heavenly Father puts people in our lives for a reason! If she wasn't here....well lets just not go there! Anyway, we are having so much fun together! I can't believe that we have been apart for so long! Being here with her has made me realize how much i really have missed her while she was here and i stayed home! I find myself missing her when i'm at she is my boyfriend or something! haha While i have been here i have just been experiencing new things every single day! Like SNOASIS...BEST snowy treat ever! Or jumping off of bunkbeds for entertainment. Or the joys of ROOMATES....CRAZY roomates!! Or Like how expensive toilet paper is! HOLY MOLY! all i have to say is less is more. Anyway I can't wait to keep learning and experiencing the joys of life!