Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

We had a GREAT Memorial Day!!! We started our our day and went to the Gilroy Memorial Day Parade. It was so much fun! I LOVE parades so i was really excited! We don't have a Memorial Day parade, or at least i don't think we do. If we do, we don't go to it. So this was special and super fun! There were fun floats and Horses and even ELVIS! He was so cool, He was singing on the back of a truck, outfit and everything! At the beginning, they started out by flying planes over our heads and doing special formations and stuff. It reminded me of my dad because at the 4th of July parade, they do that and he loves it! Anyway, after the parade we all went Shopping! WOO! didn't find much, just a skirt but we found Jarom some pretty Handsome shirts! 4 shirts, and a skirt for like $7! It was 50% off at Salvation Army! Sa-weeeet! Then we came back and played badminton and worked up a sweat so we jumped in the pool. By the time i had gotten my swimming suit on, i wasn't as hot as i was before, and i was pretty hesitant to get in the pool because it was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING! But once i got in, it wasn't as bad! The men pulled the trampoline over and we all jumped from the tramp to the pool! SOOOOO FUN!!! We didn't get any pictures of that but it was pretty cool! Jarom was having so much fun flipping and spinning in the air! He was jumping so high, at first i was a little freaked out i'm not gonna lie. Its better than jumping off of the Motor Home roof like he's been asking me if he can do since the first time we went swimming! YIKES! The pool isn't very deep and that thought just freaks me out a little! I don't want a broken husband! So I'm glad he liked the trampoline! Now maybe he'll forget about the Motor Home! Ha Then we had a YUMMY BBQ with Stuffed hamburgers that Jessica made and Corn on the Cob and Baked beans and Salad and Steak and of course, the traditional flag cake made by me (and Jarom)! :) Everything was so yummy and fun!! It was so fun to spend all weekend with Jarom too! NO HOMEWORK or anything! He finished school on Friday (for the semester) I did miss having and traditional Janus Ct. BBQ and festivities, though it was VERY small this year but i'm sure it was just as cool. And jenni, i Missed jenni a lot too! Needless to say, it was a very eventful and fun Memorial day! Thanks everyone for all the fun!!

Isn't he cute?

It looks like he's telling us "No pictures" haha

Jarom put all the flags in Sadie's diaper. gross! Good thing nothing came out on the flags! he he


Awwww how cute!

THe planes. it was really cloudy in the morning but the sun broke through and was a beautiful day!

Food time! I don't think anyone got the memo about the picture but me and Joanna. Or maybe Jarom just took it really fast. Thats probably it.

The Cake! YUM!

Good old game of croquet! Jessica beat everyones booty's!

I thought this was pretty cute. Grandma and Grandpa Just hangin out!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun in the SUN!

Today was SO HOT and SO BEAUTIFUL!! We went swimming at the lances and played in the sun. When i came inside i realized i might have gotten a little too much sun. Not too bad though....so far! It was so much fun! It feels good to be back in the warm sun!! Now i'm back inside finishing my talk for tomorrow. I have to speak and Jarom doesn't! HOW LAME!! oh well :) here are some fun pictures from today! ENJOY :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I went Running today...GO ME! It was just like any other day running except this happened!!! I KNOW! OUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!

Those are BIG, FAT blisters on my feet! Gu-ROSS!!! I don't know what happened, I didn't do anything that i don't usually do! Same shoes, same kind of socks...i can't think of anything that would have made this nasty painful thing happen! I was running and it was going great, i was feelin good. But when i stopped to start my "cool down" walk home, my feet just started killing me so i was like "man, my feet hurt!" So i thought "well, they didn't hurt when i was running, so i'll run home so they don't hurt and that way i can get home faster so i can take my shoes off and rest my poor little feet." Well that wasn't such a good idea. They hurt even WORSE when i ran so i was like "ok i'll walk". Well, it was hurting so bad that i finally just took my shoes off and walked in my socks the rest of the way home. Pretty gross but at that point, i didn't care about it. The only thing that mattered to me was that my shoes were no longer rubbing the crap out of my feet! I finally got home and threw my body on the couch and took off my dirty socks and found those ugly, red, pus filled blisters on my poor feet! Right as i was leaving to go running, Jessica called and asked if i wanted to go to Target with her and i was like "Oh, i'm just about to go running. Maybe next time blah blah blah" and the whole time i was walking home i just kept thinking, "I should have gone to Target with Jessica! That would have been WAY more fun and i wouldn't have gotten these things!" Oh well, you live and you learn i guess. Next time someone asks me to go shopping with them, i'm DEFINATELY going instead of running! The rest of my body however, feels great from running so that's a plus i suppose!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New KitchenAid and Banana Muffins

So, we got a KitchenAid from my parents for our wedding... AWESOME!! I've been wanting to use it but i mostly just use it for Baking, or when i was at home using my moms thats what i would use it for. So i've been waiting to use it to bake because we have SOOOO many treats from the wedding and everything so we don't need anymore treats. I already feel like i've put on a few pounds UGH! I probably haven't, my clothes still fit the same and all but you know that feeling? Well, ANYWAYS- I forgot I had these Bananas and they were all brown and mushy and stuff so i thought PERFECT! I made banana bread muffins, WITH Chocolate Chips of course! They are DELISH!!! Jarom was really excited that i was using my new KitchenAid so he took a picture. Don't mind me, I went running today and haven't taken a shower yet hahha woops