Monday, September 8, 2008

When Jarom came to Oregon

So, we did lots of other fun things when Jarom came to Oregon. I just had to post about the important stuff first so now i'll post the other stuff! haha This is all mostly in one day! holy moly it was exciting! So first, we went to the Saturday Market! Always a fun adventure! Then we headed out to the Rose Gardens where, ya know it all went down! after that we went to Clear Lake with my family!!! It was SO Much fun!!! We rented little boats and floated around and looked at cool stuff!! It was really fun! On sunday we opened my "temple box" or whatever you call it. When i was in young womens, we all made a little box that we filled with all kinds of wedding stuff like what we wanted our wedding dress to look like and how many kids we wanted and i wrote a note to my future husband and all kinds of fun stuff. So we opened it up! It was so funny to see all the things that i had picked out and said! My letter to Jarom was so corny! it made my mom cry! haha But it was so much fun to be able to open it and look at all of that stuff with him! I have finally found my true love! :) Anyway, sorry this is such a short post! I actually just wanted to post so that i could post some of these cute pictures hahahah!
At the Saturday Market!

I liked this one of us looking at my new shiny ring!
I couldn't stop looking at my ring in the sun! It was SO shiny and i was always showing everyone!!!

Ha ha this picture makes me laugh! Mom and Scooter were doing something to each other that made them have silly faces!!!

My cute dad!!!
The Temple box! we were reading my letter to Jarom! cute!