Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow day and Frozen Boogies

I LOVE THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been having so much fun with the whole snow concept!!!! i love it so much! it makes EVERYTHING so pretty!!! It was my first experience with FROZEN BOOGIES!!!! haha it was so funny! so the first night playing in it, i had gloves on and i felt this HUGE buger so i tried to get vikki to pick it because she didn't have gloves on but she wouldn't so i took my gloves off and there was nothing there!!!! i couldn't figure it out for the longest time!!!!! I finally realized that my nose was freezing and it was my nose hairs!!!! haha it was so funny!

Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree

So, it being my first holiday season away from home i thought that i HAD to have a christmas tree to feel some christmas joy! So we went to the Grocery store and got a christmas tree. We took it out to the car hooked it on top of the car and pulled it in the house ALL BY OURSELVES!!! it was pretty funny but it's so beautiful now!!! We went to Wal-Mart and got some $1 ornaments (Gold and Red of Course) and put some pretty white lights on it and it just looks SO pretty!!!!! But it didn't just stop there, you can't have a pretty tree and have the rest of the house be ugly so i got some wwrapping paper and went crazy! i wrapped up some boxes to make presents under the tree. I also wrapped up some pictures on the wall to make them look like presents and also the doors and window! AND then i made some cute little stockings with all of our names on them! it was so fun and it really helped me to not be so homesick! I have slept out under the tree every single night ever since!!! i love it! it's just so beautiful!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

We have Joined the apt. 211 Latin Gang!

So if any of you are familiar with jenni's post a couple of weeks ago about the latin people at her appartment you'll enjoy this one! So we have become quite good friends with them all and WE GO TO THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!! Yup...spanish music and all...we live it up and dance the night away!!! We have grown to LOVE them....well mostly one of jenni's roomies and all of her friends!!!!! They like to do surprise parties for eachother and so we are always in the "Know" for those and we help decorate and get snacks and just the whole thing! It has really surprised us but it is SO much fun!!! we love it and just laugh at ourselves!!!!

Me, Vikki and Jenni at the Latin Party!!!!!