Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Shower! Kind of a long post.

So it has taken me a week to finally get this post up but I got the Flu last week and have been busy (unmotivated, really) and stuff! BUT, I had THE best Baby Shower a girl could ask for or dream about! Honestly, it was PERFECTION! Like a dream, for sure! It was a tea party theme and Court and Jenni went ALL OUT on EVERYTHING! Spending countless hours making everything and finding all the stuff for it! I felt so loved and special! It really meant a lot to me to be surrounded by so many people who I love! We missed a lot of people who couldn't be there (Mostly my Mama) but there were still lots of people there and we all had so much fun! I got SO much fun/cute baby stuff and DIAPERS!! we got TONS of Diapers! YAHOO!! it made it all seem so real that we are going to have a baby so soon! Here are some pics from the night!

Everett was such a good little helper! He loves Uncle Jarom!

These two ladies made all the magic happen!

Courtenay made me the cutest bow board FULL of beautiful, fun, sassy bows! I love it all SO much! I can't stop looking at all the bows and thinking they are all mine! This baby is set and will be so stylish!

Lindsey and Lauren won the present opening game. What is my biggest fear of becoming a mother? It's true, PROJECTILE VOMIT!

Jenni made me this beautiful quilt! It's seriously perfect! I am so impressed with her skills! I love everything about it! I can't wait to snuggle our babe in it!

Most amazing Diaper Cake I have ever seen!

Just a glimpse of the magic before everyone started showing up

They played a couple of games while they ate the delicious food!!

And last but not least, me at 35 weeks.
I honestly had the BEST night! Thank you so much Court and Jenni for EVERYTHING! And everyone who came! I am truly grateful!!
Life is moving on and I am starting to feel like time is going by so fast but so SLOW at the same time! I have mixed feelings about not being pregnant anymore, soon. I am mostly just excited to get this baby out and hold her and be able to sleep on my stomach and back again. My feet and hands are starting swell. My back hurts and I pee ALL. THE. TIME! But I think I will miss feeling her move inside of me all the time. She's my little buddy. I know she will be when she comes out, too, but...I don't really know how to explain it! I have so many feelings, I just don't know how to say it. Don't get me wrong, I am SO ready for her to come! I keep dreaming about how it will be when we first see her and bringing her home! It's going to be a dream come true!
One year ago today, we found out we were having twins. Crazy how fast time has gone! I just keep going back to that day and remembering how we felt and now to be expecting our new little Evelyn. We feel so blessed and cannot find words to explain how grateful we are for her already! She is so special to us!

Today also marks one year that we have lived in our apartment! We love it and we love our neighbors!

I didn't realize that it was our "1 year" mark when we took this picture today, but I thought it was appropriate! We call it the fantastic fourplex! :)
Anyway, we are happy and excited for new adventures ahead!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coming soon!

So, I was up all night last night with contractions ranging from 2-5 min apart! Nothing too painful but uncomfortable! I called the On-Call doctor and he said that at this point, they don't try to stop labor so just keep track of the contractions and get checked in the morning. So that is what we did! I went in to get checked and sure enough, my cervix is moving. I am dilated 1 cm and 70% effaced! YIKES! I have known or read about this happening to people and sometimes it takes weeks for them to deliver ( Which is what we are hoping for!!!) and sometimes they deliver the next day or soon after! you just never know! I'm a little freaked! I know that the baby will be ok, It's just a lot earlier than we had expected and planned on! Plus, my baby shower is tomorrow!! If I miss that, I will be SOOOO SAD!!! They told me to take a bath and drink lots of water and rest so that is what I am off to do! Not strict bed rest, but I can't do much! No cooking, cleaning or walking much! UGH! I will keep updating as we know more! I go back in on Monday!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute little fact

This baby LOVES Jon Schmidt! Especially this song:

Or maybe it's Taylor Swift. Or Coldplay that she loves. Whoever it is, she loves it!
Whenever She is squirmy and moving a lot, I turn this song on and she is completely calm! It's so cool! I realized it happening a couple of days ago and just thought it was a coincidence and didn't think much of it so I have tried it a couple of times ever since and it works every time!! I often turn this song on because I really like it and I guess she likes it, too! Maybe she will play the Piano! I would love that! Maybe she recognizes it or something. I don't know! I love it, though! I think it's so fun to feel her react to things now! And hopefully this little trick will work for her when she gets here! That would be nice!

I am 32 weeks and I can officially say that she will be here NEXT MONTH!!! How exciting!!! I'm not really nervous for the labor part. I figure we've already been through it with the twins and pretty much know how it goes. I'm just a little nervous about bringing home a brand new, fragile little baby! Never done that before! I'll have help though and hopefully some things will just come naturally! I'm realllllly excited! I just keep dreaming of our new little family! I'm most excited to see what she looks like and see Jarom fall in love with her! He's so cute with little kids and babies already, I can't wait to see how much he loves his own! He is getting to the point where I can tell that he is finally excited for her to come and loves her so much already! He'll come and talk to her/my belly and sometimes say goodbye to her in the morning before he leaves. He says "bye, little one" and rubs my belly! Melts my heart!
Jarom started school this week. It's an exciting change, for now! Ha ha I can tell it might be a little tough when the baby comes. He leaves for work at 5:30 AM and sometimes doesn't get home until 9:00 PM! So it will be hard, but worth it! It's fun for him to have something new and I love hearing him tell me all about his classes and people he meets!
Well, That's our life right now! I've just been busy sewing and getting things ready for the baby to come! I have had more energy lately and so I can get WAAY more done! It's really nice! New belly pics to come later! She's getting big! :)