Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Months and a Video

I think I say this every month but 5 months?!
Well yes, I guess it's true.
Evelyn is 5 months old!
This age is honestly so fun! I would like time to SLOW DOWN and keep her at this age for at least 2 months instead of just one! I know, I know. We have lots of fun stuff ahead of us but it's just going way too fast! I am all for the growing up adventure, I just wish time would slow down and we could enjoy this stage for a little longer! She is the perfect size to snuggle and smooch til your lips fall off! Her cheeks are pretty much irresistible and her thunder thighs are starting to get a little more thundery! Perfection!
I will be the first to admit, having a newborn was hard! Really hard! But I can't help but miss having a teesny little snuggle bug! Especially since baby Harlow came to the world!
I seriously feel like I JUST had a baby! Like this whole thing is still really new to me but somehow she seems to be growing so fast and getting so big! I feel like I should still have a newborn! It's a very weird feeling!
Well lets get to it, let me tell you what our little sugar plum is up to these days!
She hates when Mommy eats/drinks dairy! She was fussy, fussy, fussy and I couldn't figure it out until I just tried the no dairy thing and it solved the problem! It made a HUGE difference and she became this super HAPPY, almost perfect baby most of the time! We weren't sure if it was a coincidence or if it was really the Dairy so I had some older milk (with dairy in it) in the freezer that I got out and fed to her and she was up crying all night long! So, no dairy for me! It's hard! I really miss Ice cream! Really bad! But it's worth it! Happy baby= Happy Mommy!
She is so close to sitting up by herself! She sits up for a couple of seconds by herself before she starts to tip over! Such a big girl! I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to do that! But it IS really fun to watch her grow and do new things!
She has found her feeties! She loves to play with them all the time!
She loves when we read to her and looking at books!
We got a nice little break from the teething monster which was sooo very nice but it's back and from what I can tell, it's hurting her pretty bad! poor baby!
She loves being outside and going on walks! We go on a walk almost everyday and if there is a day that I don't get out, i feel like she knows it. She's gets more fussy and squealy!
She is such a little squealer! She squeals almost all day long! Not mad or sad or anything, just wants to hear her voice! It's funny and cute most of the time but sometimes, just sometimes, it can get a little (or a lot) annoying when it happens all day long or when we are at church and it's suppose to be quiet time!
She likes to play with toys but gets bored of them pretty quick. Sometimes she will sit and play for a while but most of the time she sucks on her toys and then throws them and squeals for me to get them for her! ha ha
She is such a Daddy's girl! This girl LOVES her Daddy and lights up and gets so excited when she see's him! It's quite cute!
She wakes up SO happy and smiley! When I go in to get her in the morning or from a nap, she smiles and kicks her legs and waves her hands! It's pretty fun and the BEST way to start my day!
She blows out of almost EVERY outfit! This girl can POOP!! UGH!! We have tried just about every Diaper, moved her up in size, everything! Nothing helps! Oh well. Good thing I love her so much because I would NEVER clean up this much poop for anyone else!
She is the perfect size for Daddy to start throwing her all over the place and she loves it! So does he! I, on the other hand, don't enjoy it that much! It is cute to hear her laugh so hard and there is nothing that I love more than watching Jarom play with her, but it scares me SO BAD!
She is such a good girl and these have been the hardest but BEST 5 months of my life! I am so grateful to be able to stay home with her all day and that I have a husband who works so hard to make that possible! We are so in love with this little girl!
Apparently I forgot to delete the "directed by" etc. boxes on the video! Oops!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newest Addition

Baby Harlow is here!

Harlow Carol Woodmansee was born on March 13.
She is so beautiful and has chubby cheeks and LOTS of beautiful dark hair!
I love that teensy little baby SO much!
These pictures honestly don't do her justice! She is WAY cuter and Prettier in person when you can see all of your cute faces that she makes and hear all those adorable little newborn noises!
Being with her has made me really "newborn" hungry! I know I still have a little baby but just holding a brand new baby is different! So I'm glad she is here to satisfy my "hunger"! Holding her is heavenly!
Seriously! I wish I could stay up there all day long and just snuggle her!
Even if I'm not holding her, I like to look at her and hear those little peeps that she makes! Jenni and Michael seem to be adjusting to life with a new baby really quick! It's really fun to watch them love on her and become new parents!
It's crazy to think that we were just there a couple months ago! It seems like just yesterday that Evelyn was that small and we were going through it all!
Evelyn looks like a GIANT next to her! I have always thought that Evelyn was a little petite but my goodness, she looks BIG next to Harlow!
Jenni is looking awesome! Cute little Mama!
When I was visiting this afternoon, I was holding Harlow and looking at Evelyn and just couldn't hold back the tears! It made me so emotional to think of these little babies together! They have some wonderful adventures ahead of them and I am so happy they have each other like me and Jenni have had each other!
We love you Baby Harlow and we are so glad you are finally here!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Swimmer

Court and John invited us to go Swimming with them at an indoor pool in Lehi! I was so excited to see Evelyn get in the Pool! She did really well and we think she liked it! She didn't cry, so she didn't hate it! She looked so cute in her swimming suit! It was a little too big but oh well! I can't wait for the summer when we can go swimming all the time! It felt good to get in the warm(ish) water. I wasn't so sure about getting into a swimming suit myself but I survived and enjoyed myself! We had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures I borrowed from court! And a cute video! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday walk and Headband Holder

So the other day I decided to tackle Evelyn's room! It just had some odds and ends that I had been wanting to clean up for a long time but when I usually get my "chores" done is when she is her room. One of the things that I had wanted to find a solution for since BEFORE she was born (I know, I know! Procrastinator!) was a way to store all of her headbands! I have the CUTEST bow board that my sister made me for my shower but it doesn't hold headbands so they were all in a big mess on her shelf! Not very pretty! So this is what I found:

You can put the extra ones inside if you have any extra. Or you can put the bows inside if you don't have a bow board!

Not my Idea! I am a total idea copier on this one! I found the Idea on Pinterest! It works really well and has totally solved the head band mess! And I had all the supplies to make it already! All you need is a round container, (I used an quick oats container) cute paper and anything else you want to decorate with (it has to be flat because the headbands are going to go around it. I used doily's as well as some cute paper),and some Mod Podge! easy peasy!

The weather here has been crazy! One day it is beautiful spring weather! Warm, sunny, and nice! And then the next day we wake up to SNOW!
I like both so I will take it!
Anyway, today was one of those pretty sunny days so we decided to take a nice walk around the neighborhood after church! Evelyn LOVES walks! She likes new things to look at so we have been taking walks every chance we get!

This is her SUPER cute dress Aunt Jessica made her! We LOVE it and she looks oh so cute in it!! Thanks Jessica!
We are getting over the sickies here and have a healthy household again! Yay! Evelyn is still teething but that's manageable!
She loves this toy! Its really fun to see her learn new things everyday in it! She is gradually learning about all the toys that are on it and she loves it! It's fun to see her use her hands! She is starting some hand/eye coordination and it's hilarious! She has learned to take her Binky out and almost put it back in! She looks at it and knows what to do with it but when it comes to actually putting it in her mouth she has a hard time! Sometimes it will end up on her cheek or nose! Silly girl!
She is ALWAYS trying to stick this turtles head in her mouth! It's so funny! She reaches SO far for it with her mouth wide open stretching her neck so far, her head shakes! Apparently she's not very happy with me for taking this picture (the finger). She is always sucking and chewing on things and I guess that turtle looks pretty tasty!
We are all happy and healthy and well
and We love our little sugar bug!