Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Reunion

We had a blast at my Family Reunion last weekend! The Barrus (My Mom's family) Reunion started Thursday night and ended on Saturday and the Mitchell's (and Lance's) stayed til Monday and had our own little reunion. We had everyone there but two members of our family! That is pretty good! That hasn't happened in a long time! It was SO fun to see Aaron and Joey and Scooter! I am so glad they could come! We packed a lot of fun into those couple of days! Poor Jarom had BAD allergies again! We finally got some medicine (Or a couple of medicine's) that work. I didn't get any pictures because I wanted to make a video so here are some of the things you will see:
* The Talent show
*John finally got initiated (if you remember, Jarom got initiated last year.)
*Everett Snuggles! I could snuggle him all day! He loved snuggling my big belly. It was so cute! It's almost like he knows what is in there! He loves it!
*Swimming at Miracle hot springs
* The Auction, of course. We didn't win much but it was still fun!
*Playing Minute to win it
*Lots of eating
*Camp fires
*Going to the fish Hatchery
*Going to a couple of waterfalls
*Glitter toes
*But most of all, just being together was the BEST!

Thanks everyone for such a fun time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

California Adventures

Last weekend we made the long journey to California for Justin (Jarom's Brother) and Anna's wedding. They got married in the Oakland Temple. It was a crazy weekend but it was fun to get together and spend time with family! poor Jarom had THE worst Allergies ever! It looked like he was constantly crying and if he took the tissue away from his nose for a second, he had snot running down to his lips. Sorry if that's a little TMI. Ha So that is why he isn't in very many wedding pictures. He had to stay in the Motor Home most of the time, where there was filtered air. I didn't get many pictures but here are some that I did get. And also some that I borrowed from Jessica :) Thanks Jess! I had also planned on making a video but our batteries died half way through the trip. Bummer! Anyway, here are some of the happenings of the weekend.

A sneak peak of some family pictures. (Jarom's) Uncle Scott took some family pictures for us but We haven't seen them yet so for now, these are some that I am borrowing from Jessica.

Girls Night!
The boys were having a party for Justin so we went over to Jessica's for a girls night. We painted our toe nails, made (or watched Jessica make) Cupcakes for Charlotte's Birthday, ate Ice cream and took some silly pictures!
Oh, and looked through Jessica's fabric stash! Thanks for the fabric! I've already made something with it! :)

We all put on this silly make-up that Janae had. Special.

Well I guess that's it. I have more pics from the wedding and such but Blogger says that I have exceeded my upload limit. Or something of that nature. If anyone knows how I can fix that and would like to help, that would be great! Ha ha I have been trying all day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Over the hump

We've made it!
We are 21 weeks now!
This is how far I was when we lost the twins.
When I found out I was pregnant this time Jarom asked me when we could tell everyone and I said "not until we are at least 21 weeks" Ha ha That didn't happen now did it?
I feel like I can breathe now! I know that there is never really a"safe" point in pregnancy. I have been hearing of more and more people losing babies. And maybe its because I didn't pay much attention to it before we lost our babies. You know how that is?
Anyway, I feel more safe now that we have made it past that hump! What a milestone for me! It's kind of cool because at this stage, we have an idea of how big she is and what she looks like because of the twins! I think about them so much lately!
Aside from that event last week with the contractions, I'm still feeling great! And even better knowing that everything is A-Ok!
I am thoroughly enjoying this whole stay at home thing! Especially when the sun is out! :) I love cleaning and crafting and getting things ready for our sweet baby to get here! And sleeping in and taking my time to get ready for the day, of course! I really love everything about it! It's so nice and I feel so blessed to have such a hard working husband who makes it possible for me to do it! He's the BEST!!! Really!
I have been able to get a couple of projects done that have been on my list for a LONNNNG time! I will take pics and post those later! For now, I am getting things ready for our trip to California for Jarom's brother, Justin's wedding!
And here's the latest picture of our pretty little lady!
They couldn't get a very good "profile" picture of her because she is still just hangin out upside down and she wouldn't move her hand from her face. so it's not very clear. Ha ha silly baby! So, here's the best they could get!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Everything is ok!

What a relief!!!
We went to the Doctor and they did a detailed ultrasound and everything looks perfectly fine!
She looks perfect and and my body is holding up just great! They think it may have been Braxton Hicks that I was feeling. Didn't make a dent in my cervix! I feel SO much better!! I hate that feeling and so it is so nice to know that everything is just fine! Thank you everyone for the love, support and prayers! You are all so great!!


Yesterday at work I started having some contractions. Not painful and not consistent but they were still there! I freaked! I called my doctor and talked to the nurse. She told me to lay low, keep my feet up and relax. Don't do anything stressful. So, I quit my job a couple days early and stayed home last night. I thought that they would go away but they didn't! they stayed all night. They ranged from 25 min. apart to an hour and a half apart and at night I went hours without having any. I think, at least. So they are definitely not consistent but DEFINITELY scary! I called the On-Call Doc last night to see what he thought and he said there's not much they can do but to come in tomorrow(Today) and get an ultrasound to check the cervical length.
I hate that I know how contractions feel. I hate that I am so paranoid about everything! I couldn't sleep last night at all! I cried and prayed almost all night last night! Jarom gave me a blessing and that helped. It gave me comfort, that's for sure! My mind is going crazy! I keep thinking positively like "Oh, it's probably nothing! I'm probably just really paranoid" blah blah blah but then I turn right back around and think the worst! I prepare myself for the worst and I had myself convinced that I would have to prepare to deliver this baby today! I hate that! I hate that fear! I was warned that this would happen with this pregnancy and I knew it would. I just really hate it! I feel like I am reliving the worst nightmare! The thought of losing another baby just kills me!
I pray and pray and pray! I know that Heavenly Father knows me and knows what's in my heart. I know that he knows how much we love this baby and want her in our family! I have faith that whatever happens is because it is in his plan and we will continue to be blessed. I know that He loves me and doesn't want me to hurt or be scared!
I go to the doctor in about an hour so I will update again and let you all know what's going on.
I know that I may be over reacting, but I have lived through the possible outcome of this already and it scares me to death to have to face it again! please pray that everything will be ok!! Thank you for your love and support!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"I thought I saw a Spider"

Don't worry people, this is not a scary spider story!

Last night at about 2:27 AM Jarom freaks out and sits/JUMPS up from bed. It startled me so bad I was WIDE awake. I thought something was wrong for sure. Other wise why would he be so concerned. I got up and asked him what was wrong. He just stares at the floor by the side of the bed. I continue to ask Jarom "what's wrong? are you ok?" He finally gets out the words "I thought I saw a spider". AHHH! I said where? I thought that he felt it on his face or something! EWW! He said that he saw it run across the room! If it was big enough for him to see in the dark and freak out like he did, it had to be BIG! I said "ewww sick you can turn on the light, that's creepy!" So I thought that he would get up and look for the nasty thing! Nope, he said "No, it's ok. I already looked to the side of the bed". Oh ok,, so don't worry folks! It's NOT to the side of the bed so we're all ok! So i try to forget about this big giant spider and try to go to bed. IMPOSSIBLE! I couldn't stop thinking about it crawling across my face or waking up to it right next to me. I was imagining a tarantula type spider. You know, all the scary and irrational things you think about in the middle of the night. I tossed and turned for a good hour until Jarom said "It's ok, I don't think it was anything." Oh yeah Jarom, you're just saying that so i'll go to sleep and leave you alone! So I said how do you know? He told me that the spider that he "thought" he saw was this (holding his hands out to about the size of a football) big. Ha ha ha ha I think he was dreaming or something. I was silly enough to think "Oh my gosh well maybe it wasn't a spider, but it was probably a big nasty rat of some kind if it was that big" Really, steph? Come on! haha Needless to say last night was a sleepless night but I can't stop laughing about it today!
Note to Husbands: NEVER tell your wife that you see a big giant spider. Just take care of it and save her and irrational thinking and fear! Especially in the middle of the night! Ha ha It does make for a good story though!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend with the Barker's

This weekend was packed of fun stuff and we did it all with Joanna and Cody! On Saturday we headed out to Mountain Green for Lance (Jarom's cousin) and Danielle's wedding reception. It's always fun to see everyone and catch up! It was a perfect day to spend outside. It feels nice to finally see some sun!

Sunday we packed up a picnic and some games and went up the Provo Canyon to eat some dinner and check out the Falls. It was a WARM (ok, it was really hot) day and I can't wait for more days like this! I hate staying inside when it's so pretty outside. Bring on the summer weather!! I love it!