Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its been WAY too long

WOW! This is a LONG time overdue! This will be FULL of pictures so hang in there! I've been doin some pretty fun stuff but haven't had much time to blog about it but today's the day! I went to my family reunion at Lake Alterus! It was so much fun! Courtenay came to Rexburg the night before and we had SO Much fun! We had a slumber party and got a snoasis and went to dinner and a movie and i showed her my school...we packed a lot of stuff into a couple of hours! Then the next morning we packed up and headed out. It was so fun to see my parents and spend time with Ben and Kris and the kids and see all the other crazy family! We played lots of games and had a stick race in the creek and had a talent show, which explains the picture of the buck-toothed old men that i call my family...i'm so proud!! I got pretty sick the last day and so court came back to rexburg with me and spent 2 whole nights! I'm so grateful for her help and support! it was just what i needed, some good sister time! She's the GREATEST! we went shopping and played at the park! it was really fun to show her around rexburg!

Then this past week jenni and i went to oregon for Kelly's wedding! It was Beautiful and her and Tyler were just so cute together! It was fun to spend her happy day with her! I was SO glad to be back in Oregon and be home! The temple was so beautiful! i can't remember the last time i had been to the Portland temple! After the Temple, the wedding party went and had dinner on a boat in Portland! it was SO cool and so pretty! Then the next day we woke up and went to decorate all day for the reception! It was so beautiful! The flowers and everything were just amazing! It was so perfect, they looked so happy together! On sunday we caught our flight back to Boise. Jenni and i had a fun trip and the adventure of a lifetime!!! Read Jenni's blog!! You'll hear allll about it!!! Here comes the pictures...get ready!


Courtenay Beth said...

Oh my gosh,you are SO beautiful sist! All those pics of Kellys wedding, you are so adorable! So is Jenny :) We had so much fun at the reunion, and in rexburg, it was so cool to see your school! I loved it all, especially our sleepovers, and playing cards and eating chocolate ice cream in the park. You are living the good life, love it all....even your less than ideal roommate(s)? I love you sist, you're my best friend. Ah yeah ni--ice, yup, totally:) I love you! And by the way why didn't you have a picture of your pirate eye patch???
Everyone who's reading this, poor Steph got a cornial ulcer in her eye, the poor thing was in so much pain and when her Oregon doc gave her eye drops, they were great but just not enough so her rexburg doc numbed her eye, and gave her a sweet pirate eye patch. Steph, I didn't want to see you get away with not sharing that bit of excitement too! Love you!
Oh, her eye is healing nicely, and she was only privelidged enough to have the patch for 24 hrs. :)

Emily said...

Yea, I too was missing the eye patch pictures.

Cute pics of the reunion and Kelly's wedding! I cannot BELIEVE how long your hair is dude!

Love you!

LeAnn said...

Good job blogging and the pictures are so fun. i loved having you home, but it went way too fast!
C'mon--show the eye patch we all want to see it!

Jenni said...

LOVE THE POST MALL! :) i love the pics of your reunion, especially the one of you and Ben on the 4 wheeler hahahahaha, that's a beauty. and did court seriously spell my name with a Y at the end? ahhahahahaha!!! the wedding was SO FUN!! I'm so glad we went together to share the adventures, and I can't wait to go back!!!!! Anyway, I love your guts out!

Courtenay Beth said...

okay Saaar-y jennI....dang what can i say I'm a flibberty-jibbet
Freak...so sorry....here I am repenting: Jenni Jenni Jenni Jenni jenniJenni Jenni Jenni Jenni jenniJenni Jenni Jenni Jenni jenniJenni Jenni Jenni Jenni jenniJenni Jenni Jenni Jenni jenniJenni Jenni Jenni Jenni jennisatisfied? Or should I say Satis-fies? Love you

Carol and Bruce said...

Adorable Steph, it was good to have you girls home for a visit and I am anxious to have you around for a little longer soon.
love you,