Monday, September 8, 2008

When Jarom came to Oregon

So, we did lots of other fun things when Jarom came to Oregon. I just had to post about the important stuff first so now i'll post the other stuff! haha This is all mostly in one day! holy moly it was exciting! So first, we went to the Saturday Market! Always a fun adventure! Then we headed out to the Rose Gardens where, ya know it all went down! after that we went to Clear Lake with my family!!! It was SO Much fun!!! We rented little boats and floated around and looked at cool stuff!! It was really fun! On sunday we opened my "temple box" or whatever you call it. When i was in young womens, we all made a little box that we filled with all kinds of wedding stuff like what we wanted our wedding dress to look like and how many kids we wanted and i wrote a note to my future husband and all kinds of fun stuff. So we opened it up! It was so funny to see all the things that i had picked out and said! My letter to Jarom was so corny! it made my mom cry! haha But it was so much fun to be able to open it and look at all of that stuff with him! I have finally found my true love! :) Anyway, sorry this is such a short post! I actually just wanted to post so that i could post some of these cute pictures hahahah!
At the Saturday Market!

I liked this one of us looking at my new shiny ring!
I couldn't stop looking at my ring in the sun! It was SO shiny and i was always showing everyone!!!

Ha ha this picture makes me laugh! Mom and Scooter were doing something to each other that made them have silly faces!!!

My cute dad!!!
The Temple box! we were reading my letter to Jarom! cute!


Emily said...

Cute pics! Clear lake sounds fun and so pretty! What were your mom and scooter doing???

I love that you had a "temple box"! Ha ha, I bet that was so fun to look at!

LeAnn said...

Good job posting those great pictures! That letter was not corny--it was perfect--I couldn't even believe yu wrote it HaHa--. that was such a fun day at the lake and hiking to the waterfalls etc. So beautiful.

Rory and Jess said...

you guys are too cute with your matchy matchy glasses. lol. jarom's been all smiley since he got back, of course sad to be away from you though. :-D

Tiffany n Collin said...

Steph I am so happy for you!!! I love the pics and you two are so so great for each other. I love seeing you so happy!! You are so beautiful!!

Courtenay Beth said...

Such cute pics, you can tell how totally happy you both are :)
Love clear lake, so cool, and what a fun adventure to have with your true love! Also, did you die laughing at your temple box??? it's actually called a temple time capsule, in case you wanted to know...I gotcher back. I bet you said cute spirichal things like, "I know you are a righteous man and that's why i love you so much" I right? prauly pretty mushy too. SO fun! I love you sist, I'm so excited to help plan your wedding! LOVE you gorgeous sist!

Danielle and Clayton said...

So cute! You two make a beautiful couple! I love you so much and am so happy for you!!!

Christine said...

i totally have a temple box too! lol
congrats on the engagement!

Chad and Jessica said...

Okay, you have the most amazing hair ever! That last picture, w/the argyle sweater vest looks like a magazine's so cute. You're so pretty!
That boat ride looks like so much fun!! And I love those time capsules! Mine was beyond corny, but it was funny...cuz I had listed traits I would have liked in my future husband, and I had completely forgotten about some of them, and when I opened it, Chad totally had the traits...I even put that I wanted my future husband to think farts were he does! I bet Jarom LOVED IT!

Jill said...

Love the temple box idea. And your sparkly ring obsession! I totally remember doing that!

You guys look so great together. So glad you got to do some fun stuff. Being engaged and apart is NOT FUN!

Rory and Jess said...

hey whenever you get internet back, if you want to see a funny picture of Jarom, (and why wouldn't you?) go here to my mom's school blog...hehe.

We were so fashionable! Hey can't wait for Disneyland-it's gonna be so fun!

Rory and Jess said...

I know, we can't wait to see you! (Jarom doesn't seem to be that excited though-you should have a talk with him) haha. yeah. right. Sadie can't wait to meet her new almost-aunt too! :-D