Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Holy Moly, it's taken me FOREVER to blog and I've got A LOT to blog about! There will be lots of pictures so hang in there! So Last sunday i got home from California with Jarom! For those of you who don't know who Jarom is, I'll explain so i don't have to emplain a million times. haha Well, He's John's (courtenay's husband) cousin. Court went to visit his family in California and thought it would be a good idea for him to e-mail me so she double dog dared him to e-mail me. Good thing she did or else he wouldn't have done it! So we e-mailed for a little while and a little later i gave him my number and he called me....didn't think that would happen...and we've been talking everyday since. And then we started planning a trip to see each other.He came to Oregon for 4 days and we drove back to California together and i stayed there for 5 days! Good thing we hit it off or else that week would have been a little wierd! We were both a little nervouse but i was mostly excited. i think he was too. But once we saw each other it was almost like i had known him for forever! We had so much fun here, we went to the saturday market and the beach and the rose gardens and the park and all kinds of fun stuff! It's crazy to think that after one week all of this could happen. It couldn't have gone better! There's no way to explain how much fun i had in California! I loved everything about it! I had SO much fun at the Garlic Festival and hanging out with his family playing games and watching movies and looking at pictures and laughing....a LOT! They're all so great! I do have to admit though, i was a little overwhelmed and nervouse to meet all of them! There are 8 of them plus the parents and the grandparents and uncles and brother-in-law....ahhhhh! But once i got there it was great! They all took such good care of me! Jarom treated me like a princess! I coulnd't have asked for more! He took me HORSE BACK RIDING ON THE BEACH!!! Ever since i was little i have always wanted to do that and i told myself i would do it before i died hahaha kind of funny, But i mentioned it to Jarom once and he surprised me when we went to San Fransisco! Now i can die happy haha just kidding! I coulnd't believe it! He's so good to me! Eveything he did just amazed me! I'm pretty lucky i think! I got to see his sister, Jessica's new house and help them move in a little bit...kinda! hahah i just moved some clothes. hahah But it was fun! Jess and Rory are SO much fun! I hope that i'll get to spend more time with them sometime soon! We went to San Fransisco and saw the Golden gate bridge and of course, went horse back riding on the beach! Things couldn't have gone better! I'm happier than i've been in such a long time and i couldn't ask for more!

Jarom's sister Joanna came with us Horse back riding! She's so much fun!

Garlic Festival!

Garlic Ice Cream! YUUMMMMM....not really! Joanna ate all of hers, i didn't! oops!

The Garlic Man...that's some big garlic

SAN FRANSISCO!!!! SO fun!!!!

On our way down to the Beach! ahhhh!

Me, Jarom and Joanna riding the pretty horseys! My horse was a little sick i think though! haha

So pretty! it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

At the Oregon was SO cold!

The Lance Family!


Emily said...

Those are such cute pics of you guys! Did you know you kinda have matching glasses? That just makes it more cute. Cute cute cute!!

So glad I got to see you and meet Jarom...I approve and you guys are way cute!

Rory and Jess said...

hey finally you posted something about your trip! hehe I was beginning to think you didn't like us...just kidding! It was such a blast having you here, and-hey those clothes didn't move themselves, so thanks! :-) You will HAVE to come back see the baby! (oh, and Jarom too, if you must) I didn't know he surprised you with the horseback riding thing...what a romantic! (weird, to say that about my little brother) he was all excited tonight to video chat with you. :-D soo cute!

Rory and Jess said...

Oh yeah, and I have lots of embarassing pics of Jarom if you're interested! Some including a Marilyn Monroe wig. heh heh

Danielle and Clayton said...

Wow- I'm so happy for you! You are SO beautiful! It looks like you two had a lot of fun:) I'm glad. I'm excited to hear more about it! Love you!!!!

Carol and Bruce said...

Great photos and this is all so exciting...I am way happy about the whole thing.
love you!

Amanda said...

what a cutie patootie!! (and he's cute too!!! ) :) I'm excited for you! Looks like you had a blast! hooray for horses!

Lanette said...

Cute! Thanks for telling the story, I was so curious. :) You look absolutely radiant. And horseback riding on the beach...WOW! He sounds like a winner!