Monday, June 1, 2009

M-M-M-MONSTER cookies!!

Last week for our family night activity and treat we... or I made monster cookies!!! Jarom helped too, a little bit! Ha! it was still just fun having him there and having someone to talk to and laugh with while i made this yummy treat! It made A LOOOOOTTTT!!! the recipe was HUGE so we cut it in half and it was STILL really big so we have lots of cookies! Jarom even took some to work! We'll be workin on these cookies for a while! oh well, at least they're yummmmmy!!! :)
I guess i said something funny because he was laughing at me! ha


Emily said...

My mouth is watering, can you send me some of those?

Courtenay Beth said...

YUMERONI!!!! Looks so good, and so cozy in your nice little abode! Love you!


Fun and cute pics- sounds like you are happy being married! I'm so glad! love you!

Jenni said...

awwww, steph- tender! married people activities!!!! I can't wait. Your cooks like totally delish. I wish i was there. for lots of reasons.

love you!