Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fun!

We spent the day with Nate and Amy's family and Court on Saturday. We went to the Pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, cut some hair, played games, ate YUMMMMMY food, played with the kids, played dress up and lots of dancing! It was a fun day! I LOVE the fall! I love the weather, the smell, the pretty nature, the fun things, the candy...everything! The Mountains here are BEAUTIFUL! I have always loved them, but living by them has made me love them even more. We are looking for jobs and having so much fun together and with friends and family! We love our ward and are excited to start the fun activities with them. Jarom hasn't really spent much time with the boys but they play soccer (or "football" as Jarom calls it) every saturday so he's really excited to start that! I love my relief society! They are all so fun!! We feel so blessed! Anyway, here are some pictures of saturday. :)

P.S. It snowed today. Didn't stick though.
P.S.S. Sorry for all the pictures, they're just my favorite part of blogs so i always share lots!


Emily said...

Oh, so fun. I miss the fall...we don't get a very good one in Las Vegas. I love looking at pics in blogs too...it's the best part!

LeAnn said...

What cute pictures--I miss those kids so much! Oliver is getting so big and grown up looking! I love the Fall too--everything except the rain.
Love you1

Jill said...

Yea! Cute pics. I love them all, and love lots of pics in blogs too, no need to apologize!

So glad you made it to Utah! Have fun unpacking! How fun you can enjoy family while you're there!

jess said...

k, i wanna see pics of your costumes, asap! hehe