Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Home Sweet Home

Sorry it's taken me a while to get these up. We LOVE our new apartment! We love the location, our ward, living in an apartment, living close to and hangin out with family, living next to Jenni and Michael, everything! We're having so much fun! It was really fun getting to finally unpack all of our wedding stuff and use it all! It feels like we just got married again! We're looking for jobs still. I'm waiting for my Utah license to get processed and hopefully I'll be able to find something to do with that and in the meantime trying to find something to hold us over. Jarom just had an interview at Wilson Audio (Where Ben works) today. He said its a lot like where he worked before except they work with Audio, not medical stuff. He said the interview went really well and he realllllly wants it so hopefully that will work out. *Cross your fingers* Ben has been so good to us in helping Jarom with this job! We are so grateful for that! Everyone has been SO good to us! Feeding us, helping us unpack, hanging out with us, helping us find jobs, and more! We are so blessed! We are excited to get things started and start our life here! Anyway, here are some before and after pictures of our apartment, as promised. I didn't get any of the Bathroom and the Bedroom is still a work in progress so no pictures of that either. sorry. I'll post pictures of our Bed before and afters some other time. That was a HUGE project Jarom got done RIGHT before we left. Thanks to Jon's help!! Sorry the pictures aren't great, but you get the idea.

This was when we were like half way done unpacking. it was WAY worse than this. DISASTROUS!!!

Some of the Picture frames aren't all the way full, like this "Laugh" one. We're still waiting for some pictures to put in them.

Nothin special but we like it. It feels like home!

P.S. I made Cinnamon Rolls yesterday...YUMMMM!!!! They were SO delicious! Jarom's friends came over last night for dinner and games and they loved 'em! Try not to drool over this picture. This was before they were cooked. I put cream cheese frosting on them, Just like my mom makes them! DELISH!


Emily said...

Your house is WAY CUTE!!! Love it all, and those cinnamon rolls are making my mouth water. I need them!!!

Glad you are all settled!

Brenley said...

I love the picture collage! Awesome job! And I love all the little snippets of 'red' through out everything! Makes me reminisce about our first apartment, love doing that!

LeAnn said...

Your place looks so cute--I want to see the bed that you refinished. Did you already have those window treatments? They go perfectly with all your stuff!
I am very proud of your cinnamon rolls--they look like ones in a magazine! Good Job!! Love you

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh YAY!!! I am so glad you posted pics, okay where to begin?!? Okay, I LOVE the picture collage, love the red curtains, love the warmness of it all, with the red and such. I am impressed with how cute your kitchen looks, i mean it's kindof a challenge to bling up the little old kitchen, but I love it! I especially love the chalkboard! SO cute! And i really wish I could eat those glutenous cinnomon rolls, yum!!! It made me think of you, about 18 months old, and very pudgy in an undershirt, saying, "Donut, mommy, donut." SO CUTE!!!

Abbie said...

Your house is so cute!!! I am so glad that you are having fun! And about the job thing I have been looking forever its tough!! Hopefully you can do something with hair!! Anyways...... Hope you are doing good!

Jenni said...

Isn't it the best feeling ever to have everything in it's place? It came together so nicely and it all looks awesome! I am so glad you guys are here! It's SOOOOOO much fun!

love you!

jess said...

yum those looked good! your place looks so cute! our old couch looks like it was made for your apartment! the picture collage is my fav. :D