Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Ballerina

I got to go to Lily's Ballet Recital today! It was the CUTEST! There's nothing like a bunch of cute little ballerina girls! Lily was so funny. After every dance she looked at us and smiled and even blew Nate a kiss one time! I wish i would have gotten that on camera! It was really tender! This video is pretty cute/funny. Lily is the 4Th one from the left. Enjoy :)


Watson Ink. said...

That is the cutest! I can't wait til Rayne has her first recital!! Looks like you guys are having tons of fun out in Utah!

Courtenay Beth said...

THANK YOU for posting that video!!! Oh. my gosh!!! WAAAAAYY too cute!!!

Michael and Kylie said...

Hey Steph! Long time no talk! I can't believe how much your family is growing and how big Nate's kids are getting. How have you been? How are you liking Utah? Michael and I are doing good! We have been applying to grad schools in utah so maybe we will be joining you this fall! Love you, hope all is well!

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