Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Better late than never. I'm finally getting around to blogging about Christmas! We had such a wonderful and most memorable Christmas! It was bitter sweet. It was my first Christmas away from home (and the Jolley's) But we all got to be together! My parents came to Utah and we all celebrated Christmas together at Ben's house! We were just missing Hill, Aaron, and Joey. We packed our week full of FUN activities! These are just a few (ok, a lot) of the pictures from our holiday festivities and highlights of the week.

*Going to Temple Square to see all the pretty lights. Incredible! A must see at Christmas time, i've realized.
*Going to the "Savior of the World" Pageant. Amazing! (we're waiting in line)
*Making Doughnuts for Court and John's neighbors. YUMM!
*Shopping (no pictures)
*Eating LOTS and LOTS of yummy food!
*Attending Courtenay's Christmas Sacrament meeting. Awesome choir and speakers!

*Playing Rock Band and watching my Parents play Rock Band! They really rocked out! And they were GOOD!
*Having a Hotwheels race tournament in Ben's Basement. My mom kicked everyone's trash!
*Helping the little girls put together their Build-A-Bear's from Grandma.
*Opening the Family Video's my dad had worked SO hard on and put them on DVD for all of us! Best present ever!
*Watching the family videos.

*going to Pirate Island. Eating yummy food, watching Dylan win 1,000 tickets, seeing Darren and Jill Jolley, and playing fun games.

*Skating at the skating rink. Who knew skating could be SO FUN! A family friend rented out the WHOLE rink so we had it to ourselves. It was awesome and quite entertaining. I fell 3 times!
*Sleepover under the Christmas tree.

*Sledding. Nobody got hurt!
*Preparing our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Ham, Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Dill Bread, Etc.
*The Nativity play. The kids were so cute and fun to watch. I was the Angle this year.
*Getting our new Christmas Eve jammies

*The pretty Christmas Tree after Santa came.

*Family Pictures. My dad brought all of his fancy picture stuff and took these beautiful pictures of our family. He did individual families and couples too. We're so lucky to have such a talented dad!

(I just had to post this picture of Amy and Oliver because it's just too darn cute!)

*Playing endless games at all times of the day.
*Eating more yummy food and treats.
*Sitting around talking and laughing.
*And just spending some good quality time with family. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family!
Thanks Ben and Kris for hosting all of us and Mom and Dad and Scooter for coming to Utah for Christmas. It wouldn't have been the same without you!


Emily said...

Oh man I'm exhausted after reading that. It just looks like too much fun.

I love the slumber party under the tree and the sledding and the family picture, and I want to make doughnuts!!

Glad you had a blast, I sure love your family!

Jenni said...

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. That is a freaking sweet Christmas break! Those sound like really excellent festivities and I'm really glad you had a nice time even though you weren't in Oregon on Janus Ct.

I love the pics and my favorite is DEFINATELY the one of your mom playing rock band. YES!

haha love you mall!

LeAnn said...

Good Job Posting Steph! We had so much fun packed into one short week--kind of of let down to come back--no tournaments, no sledding no cute kids to play with etc, etc,
Sure Love You!

Danielle said...

That is so awesome you guys got to be together in Utah! Sounds so fun! I have wanted to go sledding for SO LONG! We even bought sleds, we just haven't gone yet! I don't remember if I commented on your last post but OUCH! I am so sorry you got hurt! Your dad's pics he took look so good! He is very talented. Love you and miss you! If you guys ever come to Idaho, give me a ringer! We have room for visitors:)

Jill said...

Priceless pics! Oh my goodness, I loved them. What an awesome family you have. I love the race car tournament and the rockband and the sledding!

Lauren said...

STEPH!!! Your Christmas looks like it was so wonderful!! That's so great! :)