Monday, February 21, 2011


We had a really fun time in Arizona with Nate's family, Court and John, and my Mom and Dad! We got there on Friday Morning and left this morning at 5 am. It was WAY too short but so much fun! I love those kids and miss them like crazy! The kids are all getting so big and so fun! Oliver is so friendly and snuggly and FUNNY!! We wish we could have stayed longer but we both couldn't take a whole week off and Wednesday (Feb 23rd) is the twins' due date so we are going on a little get-away together to Park City. We're hoping that this way, the sad day that we have been dreading will be a little bit better! At least make us a little less sad. Anyway, we had lots of fun adventures in Arizona and spent our time well! Thank you Nate and Amy for letting us all come crash your party!
Enjoy this video of our trip!
Hope you all had a wonderful Presidents day weekend!

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Jenni said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I loved every second of that! Those kids are seriously so cute! oh my, SO CUTE! Looks like such a fun time and I totally love your song choice, it was very tender! The only thing about these flips is, you never get to be in the video! I'm havin' that same problem! But I know you were having fun too :)

SO glad you had fun and mostly that you traveled safely :)