Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Over the hump

We've made it!
We are 21 weeks now!
This is how far I was when we lost the twins.
When I found out I was pregnant this time Jarom asked me when we could tell everyone and I said "not until we are at least 21 weeks" Ha ha That didn't happen now did it?
I feel like I can breathe now! I know that there is never really a"safe" point in pregnancy. I have been hearing of more and more people losing babies. And maybe its because I didn't pay much attention to it before we lost our babies. You know how that is?
Anyway, I feel more safe now that we have made it past that hump! What a milestone for me! It's kind of cool because at this stage, we have an idea of how big she is and what she looks like because of the twins! I think about them so much lately!
Aside from that event last week with the contractions, I'm still feeling great! And even better knowing that everything is A-Ok!
I am thoroughly enjoying this whole stay at home thing! Especially when the sun is out! :) I love cleaning and crafting and getting things ready for our sweet baby to get here! And sleeping in and taking my time to get ready for the day, of course! I really love everything about it! It's so nice and I feel so blessed to have such a hard working husband who makes it possible for me to do it! He's the BEST!!! Really!
I have been able to get a couple of projects done that have been on my list for a LONNNNG time! I will take pics and post those later! For now, I am getting things ready for our trip to California for Jarom's brother, Justin's wedding!
And here's the latest picture of our pretty little lady!
They couldn't get a very good "profile" picture of her because she is still just hangin out upside down and she wouldn't move her hand from her face. so it's not very clear. Ha ha silly baby! So, here's the best they could get!


Amy and Mark said...

She'll be so cute like her mama! I'm DYING to know what I'm having so that I can start my cute projects! It's hard to do much until then! I'm so happy you're doing well.

Danielle said...

Well I am just so happy that you get to stay home! That all sounds LOVELY! I'm so glad you are over that big hump and doing better. I'm so excited to see this cutie baby! I love her already:) Love you!!!


oh i'm so happy for you! and we are one day apart! I wonder who will have their baby first?!! It's so fun that we're on the same schedule! And I'm so glad you get to stay home too. love you!

Kate Curtis said...

Ours was upside down and wouldn't look for us either! Silly babies! I am excited for you!!

Courtenay Beth said...

CUTE!!! I am so happy for you sist!!! I can't wait to see pictures of all your craftiness!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Jess said...

I did the same thing once I was past 10 weeks with Sadie-a little sigh of relief. I'm glad everything is better this time for ya!

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