Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute little fact

This baby LOVES Jon Schmidt! Especially this song:

Or maybe it's Taylor Swift. Or Coldplay that she loves. Whoever it is, she loves it!
Whenever She is squirmy and moving a lot, I turn this song on and she is completely calm! It's so cool! I realized it happening a couple of days ago and just thought it was a coincidence and didn't think much of it so I have tried it a couple of times ever since and it works every time!! I often turn this song on because I really like it and I guess she likes it, too! Maybe she will play the Piano! I would love that! Maybe she recognizes it or something. I don't know! I love it, though! I think it's so fun to feel her react to things now! And hopefully this little trick will work for her when she gets here! That would be nice!

I am 32 weeks and I can officially say that she will be here NEXT MONTH!!! How exciting!!! I'm not really nervous for the labor part. I figure we've already been through it with the twins and pretty much know how it goes. I'm just a little nervous about bringing home a brand new, fragile little baby! Never done that before! I'll have help though and hopefully some things will just come naturally! I'm realllllly excited! I just keep dreaming of our new little family! I'm most excited to see what she looks like and see Jarom fall in love with her! He's so cute with little kids and babies already, I can't wait to see how much he loves his own! He is getting to the point where I can tell that he is finally excited for her to come and loves her so much already! He'll come and talk to her/my belly and sometimes say goodbye to her in the morning before he leaves. He says "bye, little one" and rubs my belly! Melts my heart!
Jarom started school this week. It's an exciting change, for now! Ha ha I can tell it might be a little tough when the baby comes. He leaves for work at 5:30 AM and sometimes doesn't get home until 9:00 PM! So it will be hard, but worth it! It's fun for him to have something new and I love hearing him tell me all about his classes and people he meets!
Well, That's our life right now! I've just been busy sewing and getting things ready for the baby to come! I have had more energy lately and so I can get WAAY more done! It's really nice! New belly pics to come later! She's getting big! :)


Danielle said...

That's so fun! I'm so happy and excited for you! And I'm way excited to see what that cutie girl looks like :) Love you!

Amberly said...

Who doesn't love that song, let's be honest!?

Chad and Jessica said...

That's so sweet! I loved this post. I can tell how excited you two are, and it's so uplifting! I'm so excited for you!

That song is beautiful. When my cousin's daughter was a baby, they would show her a pic of George Clooney for her to stop crying. It worked every time I saw it. So crazy.

I bet that song will comfort her after she's born too.

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh that is soooo tender!!! I love that so much!!!! Maybe it'll calm her down when she gets here :)

I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO BRING HOME THAT BABY! SEriously! I'm imagining it right now and it just makes me so happy!!!!!

Jess said...

I can't wait!! :D :D :D :D

Anne and Logan said...

I love that song. We got to see him play that song in person. AMAZING!!! I can't wait to meet baby.