Friday, September 16, 2011

Coming soon!

So, I was up all night last night with contractions ranging from 2-5 min apart! Nothing too painful but uncomfortable! I called the On-Call doctor and he said that at this point, they don't try to stop labor so just keep track of the contractions and get checked in the morning. So that is what we did! I went in to get checked and sure enough, my cervix is moving. I am dilated 1 cm and 70% effaced! YIKES! I have known or read about this happening to people and sometimes it takes weeks for them to deliver ( Which is what we are hoping for!!!) and sometimes they deliver the next day or soon after! you just never know! I'm a little freaked! I know that the baby will be ok, It's just a lot earlier than we had expected and planned on! Plus, my baby shower is tomorrow!! If I miss that, I will be SOOOO SAD!!! They told me to take a bath and drink lots of water and rest so that is what I am off to do! Not strict bed rest, but I can't do much! No cooking, cleaning or walking much! UGH! I will keep updating as we know more! I go back in on Monday!


Mrs. Laura Kay Pettit said...

I'm not sure if I hope to see you at the shower...or not! Keep us posted!


Oh my gosh! I wonder what will happen?! Wowser! Well good luck with everything! That's exciting! love you!