Monday, December 5, 2011

Enjoying life with a newborn

We LOVE Evelyn!
It has taken a while to get used to everything with her here (we're still getting used to it) but particularly keeping my house clean! I can't stand living in a dirty, cluttered, messy home! And with a baby, it can get pretty messy! There's just baby stuff everywhere! So much laundry to do with all the poop and spit up! so much to do and so little time! So for the first couple of weeks I was just trying to stay on top of things (Which didn't happen, even with all the effort I put into it) I just couldn't do it! Every time I turned around there was another mess to clean up or the sink was full of dishes again or it was time to do the laundry again and I need to feed the baby and change her and play with her and take care of myself and... ahhhhhh!!! Plus I was TIRED! So one Sunday I was talking to this lady in the Mother's room at Church about it and she just said the house work can wait, your baby will grow up so fast and will only be this little for so long. Enjoy your baby! So I thought "DUH!" What was I thinking! I know that it is still good to have a clean home but have now made a chore chart and everyday I will pick up the little things and do one big chore everyday like fold all the laundry or sweep and mop the floors or clean the bathroom etc. That way I don't get so overwhelmed with a messy home and keeping it clean and I get to enjoy my Baby more! It's a win win for all of us! Now this hasn't happened everyday! There are those days that Evelyn might need extra attention or something which might keep me from getting my "big" chore for the day done but for the most part it has worked out! So far. Most importantly, I have been able to really enjoy Evelyn instead of just surviving with her! haha Of course I have always loved her and having her in our family has been such a blessing but it was hard to get the hang of things at first and i didn't really feel like I was balancing everything very well. I love her more and more everyday! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter and smiling more and getting bigger and sleeping better! She has been sleeping through the night and making life MUCH better, for sure! I think I might be addicted to taking naps with her! We are loving all of this Holiday fun and festivities! We put up the tree and Evelyn LOVE is! I lay her by it and she just stares at it and smiles! It's very cute! We went to Temple Square with Jarom's family to the see the lights! They came to visit for Evelyn's Blessing. I will post about that day another time! Anyway, enough ramblings, here are some (lots of) pictures! :)

Christmas tree! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoying the Christmas tree
I can't get enough of her CUTE smiles!!!
Smiling at the Christmas tree!

Lights at Temple Square
We went to Trafalga and played Laser tag with Jarom's family! While we were waiting to play, we played an arcade game and won these mustaches. Classy!
Hey everybody!
Best little nap Buddy!
Sleeping under the tree! Love!



She is so cute!! And she's chunking up! I feel the EXACT same way with all your posts. But the big question I have for you is... when the heck did you have time to curl your hair?!!!! You look so good! That is so wonderful that she is sleeping through the night! Maddie was, then stopped, and now she's starting to get back to it again. CROSS OUR FINGERS! I wish I could comment longer, but Maddie's not letting me- but - loved your blog! I was waiting for another one!!!!

Emily said...

She is off the charts ADORABLE! I can't believe she is smiling so much already and sleeping so good! WHAT A GOOD BABY!!! I really want to snuggle her.

You look great Steph! It's hard to let the house get messy, I still struggle with that and I think number 3 will put me over the edge...but it is so true, they grow way too fast!!!!

Give her a kiss for me!
Love you!

Danielle said...

SO CUTE! Love it all! You sound like your doing great. Love you!

Chad and Jessica said...

What a beautiful family!!! Such great pics. I love the one with her and Jarom sleeping under the tree! She is so cute. Not just because shes a baby, and babies are cute, she's a REALLY BEAUTIFUL baby. You look great! I'm so happy and impressed that you found a way to balnce things. WAY TO GO!

Amy and Mark said...

What a little doll!! AHH I can't wait to have my little guy!!!!!
And I'm so grateful you blogged about feeling overwhelmed and finding a way to balance everything. I needed to read that! I can see how having a newborn can really throw your house upside down for awhile.

Jenni said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!!!!Those pictures melt my heart! It seems to me that you guys are getting used to having a baby around alot faster than most people! You guys are pros! And steph you look so freaking good! I hope I can live up to that!!!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

aww those pictures are adorable! I tend to agree with the lady who gave you that advice! They grow up sooo fast. Charlotte's 18 months now! ahhh!