Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Months

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? 3 months already! It's not really fair that when you are pregnant and waiting for your bundle of joy to get here, time seems to crawl by but then when they do get here, time FLIES! Well, Evelyn is 3 months old! She gets more fun and cute everyday! She smiles all the time! She is on a pretty good schedule right now and sleeping well again (through the night! YAHOO!!) She had to go to Physical Therapy to get her head checked out. It's a little flat! The Physical Therapist said that she wasn't worried about it but gave us a couple of exercises to do at home and we don't have to go back so that's good! She is SO strong! Always wanting to stand up! Which is fun to see her grow and get stronger but it's also sad because she's not as snuggly anymore! :( She's a mover! She loves sucking on her hands which makes them smell like stinky feet! yuck! Oh well, it keeps her occupied and happy so it's ok! We love our little girl and look forward to watching her grow! Here are some (way too many) pictures! I just can't choose which ones are the cutest so....I post a lot!

Helping Daddy with his homework

Little flirty face
3 Months old! She didn't love the Tutu! Darn! I plan on doing another little photo shoot when she is in a better mood! Hopefully I get some good ones!
She was NOT happy with me for taking her picture! Am I a horrible person for thinking it's still so cute though?
She loves those hands!

My Beauty sleeping! I could watch her sleep all day! But unfortunately, there are things I need to get done while she sleeps!


Danielle said...

She is SO CUTE! I love those cute expressions! Seriously- so amazing.

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh man, I loooove this baby girl! She is super photogenic! Seriously, she is perfection! I love how cute you dress her, she is so petite and teensy, I LOVE it! She IS such a smiley baby! It is so fun to watch her grow up, and to watch you become a mommy! You are awesome and she is lucky to have you! No such thing as too many pics, especially when they are ALL so cute!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

She is definitely a little doll! So, so cute! Love the pic of her with Jarom! Sadie had a flat head too, but it rounded out once she started crawling. She hated rolling over and being on her tummy!

Emily said...

MMMMMmm love her!!!!!

Such a little cutie and so smiley! I really hope I get to come this weekend so I can finally see her.


OK- so what did you do to make her head not flat? Becase I haven't seen a pediatrician about this, but my friend was like "whoa, she has flat head! You need to get her off her back!" So, what did your doctor say about that, like- is it because we have them on their back too much? and what did they tell you to do? and is it causing permamant damage? Please email me- Maddie loves to such on her hands too- ha. Do you think Evelyn is teething yet? I think maddie is bc she's drooling like crazy, sucking on her hands like crazy and fussy when she nurses lately. it's SO ANNOYING! Evelyn is so cute! she is super smiley! i feel like our babies are really similar and going through the same things at the same time. love you! i always look forward to your posts because I relate to everything you're saying!

Miss Whitney said...

STEPH! I am obsessed with this little girl along with that ADORABLE leopard and yellow dress! Miss you guys!!!

Jenni said...

No, you are not mean for thinking that her crying is cute. When I'm holding her, and she gets that little sad face... it is SOOO tender!!! I LOVE the tu tu!!! She better learn to love it because it's adorable!!! These pictures are all so precious. Keep snapping them! I cannot believe how FABULOUS you look! YOur putting the pressure on!!!

I love that Evelyn so much!

Our Circus said...

Don't worry too much about the flat head, it's hereditary! I gave it to Jarom, and I guess he passes it on! It takes a lot of backcombing to get a wedge or aline cut to look good on me!

Erica and Spencer said...

You are totally not a bad mommy for taking a picture of your little evelyn when she is not super happy with you. I often take pictures of Landon when he's mad and I can't figure out how to calm him down. Sometimes it distracts him, other times it makes me laugh, and other times I figure I need to remember that he wasn't always the happy smiling baby in the pictures.

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