Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures taken Easter weekend and we just got them back last night!
I was SO excited all week, to get them! We got a SMOKIN deal! This lady is building her portfolio so we got an almost 2 hour session and ALL the pictures (edited and beautified) for $30!!
I am so pleased with her work and she was the NICEST woman! Young and cute and FUN! We got A LOT of pictures and so I just really can't decide which ones are my favorite to post and print and such. I'll post some on here but I posted more on Facebook!
I made Evelyn's outfit so don't look too close! I couldn't find ANYTHING that I wanted her to wear! I shopped until the night before our pictures and still, NOTHING! So I came home and looked in my stuff to see what I could find. I cut up an old stained shirt for her shirt and shoes and I made the skirt out of an adult Mini skirt that I thrifted when I was pregnant with the twins with the intent of making them matching dresses out of it. So it worked out perfect and I LOVE the color combo. But like I said, I put it ALL together the night before pictures (at like 9 PM) so it's not the best work I've ever done but I still love it! I love them and I love my little family!!!


Courtenay said...

OOOOHHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGGOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!! I love them ALLL!!! I love your outfits, you look gorgeous and Evelyn is as photogenic as EVER, and i LOOOOVE her outfit! Such a trendy little sass! Love the skirt, it looks sooo goof! The ruffly onesie and those darling little shoes! SOOO cute! Jarom looks great too, what a happppy family! Seriously, I love them all! I;m headed over to facebook to oooogle over them some more!!!

Danielle said...

haha you silly- her outfit is SO CUTE! I love it so much! And you all look great. Love them.


OH my gosh I can't believe you made that! I just posted on your facebook, and checked here to see if you posted more, and come to find out you made that?! You are crazy- it is amazing! Those shoes are so awesome! is there a tutorial? or just made up? great job!

Lanette said...

SO SO SO Beautiful!

John said...

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Thanks for uploading the private pics, god bless you and your family

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