Saturday, August 11, 2012


Emmaline Grace Lance!

Congratulations to my sis Court and her family on their newest addition!
I love this little sweetie so much already!
What a teensy little gift from heaven!
I would snuggle with her on my chest ALL day if I could!
It sort of helps with my baby hungryness (Yeah I just made that up. I think) but it also makes me even more baby hungry! I just have to keep telling myself "Babies are hard too, not just cute and snuggly all the time!" 
I am anxious to get some more Emmaline snuggles right this minute! 
Good thing I'm going to see her tomorrow! 
Evelyn hasn't had the chance to meet her newest cousin yet because she has been sick :( but she is on the up and up and i think tomorrow she will get to! We'll see how she reacts. Lately she is CRAZY for babies! I think i'll have to hold her back! We'll see!
Anyway, I am just so happy that the little angel made it safely to us and that we all get to be a part of her life! 
What a blessing!

 Doesn't she look awesome?! You can't even tell that she just had a baby! You go girl! :)

I thought this comparison was fun! They have some similar features! Cute little cousins! Emmaline has WAY more hair than evelyn had. You can't tell in the pictures but it's a lot longer in the back!

We love you Emmaline!


Courtenay Beth said...

Thanks for the fun post, I needa get my rear in gear and post some pics and her birth story on my blog! Come snuggle our little Emmy Lou!!!

Jenni said...

I am DYINGGGGGGGG to snuggle that princess!!! I totally see the similarities between Ev and Em. Such a blessing!