Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ha ha This picture makes me giggle! We were being silly one day and he was showing me how to "properly" smell a flower and i accidentally took a picture of him! :) hehe I'll blog about Disneyland later. I don't have my computer or my camera cord so i can't share pictures, and words just wouldn't give it justice! Just know that we had the BEST time together! Anyway, I just wanted to Blog about Jarom today! Which explains the picture! I just don't like blogging without pictures and this one was funny! I feel so lucky and blessed to have him in my life! He truly is a dream come true! He's a huge part of my life right now and what keeps me going everyday so i wanted to blog about him! :)

These are 10 things i LOVE about Jarom (There are way more things that i love, but that would just make a forever long blog):

1. He makes me SO happy! He always knows what to do to make things better!

2. He makes me LAUGH all the time! He's always doing funny things, sometimes on accident, but still so funny! He's such a good sport!

3. He works SO hard! He works full time and goes to school at night and no matter how much he hates his teachers and classes, he still works hard and does so well! I'm so proud!

4. He's so super HANDSOME and always telling me how beautiful I am. :)

5. He has such a strong testimony and values and loves the church and it's teachings and lives them everyday!

6. He's such a good example to me and those around him!

7. He loves and supports me with everyting i do! Its so nice to have that!!

8. He loves his family so much! I know that he will be such a good dad!

9. He thinks farts are funny! hahahaha

10. He supports my obsession, High School Musical!

.....and so much more! yup, he's my true love! :) I admire all that he does everyday! It is SO hard being apart, nothing nearly as hard as court and john, but still so hard. He finds ways of showing me that he loves me even when he's not here! I am so grateful for everything he does! :)


Rory and Jess said...

I love #9 especially. What a boy! He is a pretty awesome guy...that's why we love him, huh?

LeAnn said...

We like him for all those reasons AND because he is a chocolate expert!

Courtenay Beth said...

Steph, what a cute blog, awe Jawom! I love #9 and #10 especially!You are so cute, and i am so happy for you two. I'm excited for Christmastime when we can work on planning your wedding and such, SO fun! AND bytheway, It's still hard to be apart no matter what! When John was in Morrocco for even just a month, I was dying! I totally know, and my separation from John IS different, but still separation sucks, no matter what! ANd I wish be could both be with our true loves!
I love you. I'll call you sunday, so don't be busy! LOVE YOU!

Megan and Greg said...

Your boy is so cute! I just looked at all the pictues! Congratulations! You look so happy!


I am so happy for you. I hope we stick around here so we can go to the reception! And you are lucky he thinks farts are funny, mike thinks they are nasty! it's so annoying, and I didn't discover this until like a few months ago, so this whole time in our marriage I've been ripping them away and to think this whole time, he's been thinking it's nasty! oh brother. And I love that he loves highschool musical! so funny. I love you!