Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to be thankful for!

This week has been so fun and has really made me think about everything I'm thankful for. This was my first year away from home for thanksgiving, it made me REALLY thankful for my family and to be with Jarom and that his family let me come and spend Thanksgiving with them! Jarom came to Rexburg saturday...SAFELY (Barely) and he got to see my school and spend time with some of his friends there and take our engagement pictures :) While he was there, my roommates "surprised" us with a romantic candle lit dinner! It was super great! We had a fun drive to california, LONG but fun! I just really home sick and was pretty sad the day before Thanksgiving but Jarom was right there with me! He's so great! :) Thanksgiving day was SO fun! I did a LOT better than i thought i would to be honest! haha We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and made candy turkeys and ate lots of yummy food and spent time with family! The day after Thanksgiving we woke up early and went shopping and got a Christmas tree with the family! I had so much fun! I definately missed being home but had a lot of fun with my soon to be in-laws! We also went to the Oakland Temple to see the christmas lights on it light up. We went in the RV and ate dinner and waited for the lights to turn on. it happened a lot later than we thought it would but we had fun playing around and talking and spending time together! On sunday we made graham cracker houses with candy and frosting. Its a tradition in the Lance family so it was fun for me to be a part of it this year :) Jarom and I made a gazeebo just like the one we got engaged in. Its pretty cute, i'll post picture of that later! We LOVED spending time together and look forward to our future! Here are some pictures of our fun Thanksgiving together! WARNING: Picture overload!

At the Temple. I think Jarom looks so handsome in this picture ;)

Waiting in the RV for the lights to turn on. Staring at the temple while nothing was happending hahaha

Jarom and I also took a little drive to Monterey to drop his cousin, Joseph off. We stopped and spent some time at the Beach. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Joanna had this bright idea to make popcorn things to string around the tree so she did it, Janae and i tried to help but our needle was too big and the popcorn kept breaking so i gave up and actually didn't help at all but i posed so it looked like i was doing something haha We had fun!

Romantic candle lit dinner! :)

getting the christmas tree! So exciting! :)

Everyone had to take a turn cutting down the tree, I of course didn't make a dent but it was fun. And funny haha

Everyone was playing with baby Sadie after dinner, she was being so cute and fun! :)

Joseph, Jarom, me and Joanna before we stuffed ourselves with yummy food!

Making candy turkeys

Thanks to everyone who made my week so fun and to Jarom for coming ALL the way to Rexburg to see me and spend time with me and to the Lance family for letting me come crash their Thanksgiving! I am so blessed and thankful for it all! :)


*Stephanie Mitchell* said...

Jarom uploaded these pictures for me but i wasn't done writing about it so i'll fix it and write more so come back later and check it out! :)

Emily said...

I love how you put the warning for picture overload at the end of the post. That's funny.

Well, I know you were missed in Oregon, but it looks like you had a great time in CA. You kids are just too cute!

Love you!

Danielle said...

Love the pics! You are so pretty! You guys are a good looking couple. I am excited to see engagement pics! I wish I could've met him when he was here! I guess I was gone CA too, actually. Well, I have been thinking of you and Jenni a LOT lately and I really want to get together with you guys before you go back home for Christmas! Also, you'll probably be seeing me soon in the salon because I want to go DARK! Anyway, I love you!!! I'm so excited for you and Jarom to be married!

*Stephanie Mitchell* said...

Ha ha I know em, Jarom posted this and i wasn't finished so everything is totally out of order hahaha oh well :)

Rory and Jess said...

awww cutie patootie! Of course you are welcome to crash ANY of our get togethers. And we expect you to when you live here. hehe. I love all your pics-you guys are a super cute couple!

Courtenay Beth said...

YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!! I am SO happy you are so happy! Seriously! That's so funny and cool that I already know your in laws...and it's still just really awesome to me! :) Who would have ever thought? You guys are so good looking together! What a fun Holiday! Hard to be away from Home, but JAROM is your Home now :) I love you and miss you, I am so excited for our road trip!

Tyler and Kelly said...

You look so happy and I am so happy that you are. :)

Jenni said...

LOVE IT MALL!! The pictures are all so so so super cute. You are just seriously so beautiful. And you and Jarom look amazing together. I'm so glad you had fun. I'm thankful for his Family being so good to you! how great and lucky.

but here's the thing. I MISS YOU SO BAD! I want to see you asap. But I've pretty much never been so stressed in my life. I don't even remember what sleeping feels like!

I'll call you soon.


Danielle said...

Hey- I have an appointment with you tomorrow- I your student number 1032? Anyway- I'm excited to see you! Can you call me because I'm not sure if I have your right number........thanks! Love you!!!!!


OK- you sound and look so happy! First of all I saw your wedding pics- jenni showed me when she was here- they are so amazgin!!!!!!!! you are so beautiful! Ok- his family looks so nice- I love the picture where you're all holding hot chocolate- it's really cute- (when you're getting the tree) And candy turkeys- never heard of that one- but sounds cute! i'm glad they have so many christmas traditions- it makes the chirstmas spirit there more- and so much more fun! So is Jarom coming for christmas???? When are you coming? and also- I was wondering if you woudl want to do my hair- cut and color- how much do you charge? And- I understand if you don't have the time when you're here. With megan gone I don't really trust anyone, so I really hope you can, but if not I totally understand! I love you!

Yorktown Academy said...

We absolutely loved having you here with us over the Thanksgiving holiday. We loved sharing our traditions with you. We are so happy you are going to be a part of our family. You have made Jarom so happy. (whether he is acting like it at the moment or not! LOL) We want you to feel at home here.

Your soon to be Mom (in-law) Lance