Thursday, March 25, 2010

One year older...

Thank you EVERYONE for all the Birthday messages, phone calls, cards, gifts and love! I had such a wonderful day! Jarom spoiled me wrotten....and so did everyone else!
My birthday has always been over spring break and so growing up, I felt like my birthday lasted all week! We usually went on vacation for spring break so I liked to think that it was for my birthday! This year was so exception (except we didn't go on vacation) My birthday has lasted all week! Last weekend we celebrated my birthday at Ben's house Playing games, watching movies, eating a YUMMY dinner (thanks Court and John! And Court made my favorite B-day cake!) and went shopping!!

Then all week, Jarom has been giving me the birthday treatment with foot rubs and back rubs and little love notes. I'm loving it! Yesterday he took me to dinner at Tucanos (YUMMMMM) and he got me nice presents and we pretty much did anything that I wanted to do. Which wasn't much, I was just enjoying being with him all evening (he usually works in the evenings but he took it off for my B-day). Joanna came over and surprised me with yummy cupcakes and Jenni and Michael came over and we made Blizzards with our Magic Bullet. It was such a wonderful day! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love us! I enjoyed all the phone calls and messages and everything!

I don't feel older OR wiser, but maybe that will come later. So over all, being 23 has been great!

P.s. Sorry for the Not-so-hot pictures! I have been HORRIBLE at taking pictures lately! I just don't seem to remember. So these are pretty much the best we have from the birthday celebrations. Plus, I think our camera is pretty much dead! You can barely take one picture before it turns off. And we JUST replaced the batteries! Bummer!



happy birthday! Your hair is so pretty-

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Stephy!!! Sounds like you were spoiled, and you deserve it!

Love ya!

Our Circus said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!! Hey, come check out our family blog!

Love, Julia

Jenni said...

How have I not commented on this????? Your birthday was fantastic!! Thanks for letting us partake in the magic bullett!! I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and I am SO glad that I got to be with you on your special day.

NOW- we need to have our birthday dinner and JUMP ON IT outing :) :)