Monday, April 5, 2010


These are just a few things we have been up to lately:

Woot woot! Thanks to my Bff Jenni, I got a job at her work! (Utah Physiatry). I will be one of the receptionists there! I got the call a couple of weeks ago that I got the Job but I haven't started yet. We don't know when I'll start actually. Hopefully SOON! They call me once in a while to make sure that I still want the job and all and let me know what's going on (they are waiting for a few things to happen in their office before bringing me on) but they just don't know when I'll start! BUT-we are VERY grateful for the Job and I'm really excited to start! This will make Job #3 that Jenni and I have worked together! It's SO much better working with your friend! So, we are looking forward to that!

Swei Jows
We have had the chance to make swei jows 2 times in the last month or so. One time with Jenni and Michael and one time with Joanna and Cody. The first time I had swei Jows was the first time I met Jarom's family. They are kind of a tradition, I guess you would say, in their family. Jarom's Dad ate them almost everyday on his mission in Taiwan. We make any excuse to make them because they are SO delish! Liking swei jows is a requirement to be a part of the Lance family. So I guess I passed that test with flying colors! We didn't get any pictures of Michael and Jenni (sorry, dudes) But we did with Joanna and Cody. (By the way, Cody passed the test too. hmmmm?)

Looking for a new place to live.
We live in a cute little one bedroom apartment and we have LOVED it here! We loved our ward, the location,and the apartment itself. It's just time to move on. We want something bigger and better. It has been fun looking for new places and thinking of our future there. We don't want to move anymore while we are in Provo so we want someplace where we can start our family and have enough room for all that comes with that! SO exciting! And NO, that is not an announcement. I am not pregnant!

Our ward split!
Sad day! Last sunday they told us that they would be making 2 new wards in our stake! TWO! Crazy! The good thing is, is that the church is growing. The sad thing is, is that our ward got split! We loved our ward! I loved my calling, friends, and all the CUTE babies! We are now in the 247th ward and we meet at 2:30 P.M. YIKES! When we were looking for a new place to live, we wanted to find a place that is still in our ward boundaries because we loved it so much but I guess now is a good time to move anywhere we want because our ward will be different no matter what.

Playing with our new Wii
We have been wanting one for a long time. We have been looking at them everywhere to see where we could get the best deal. Jarom researches EVERYTHING before he buys it! We had saved up a little money and I got some money for my B-day and we found a SA-WEET deal on KSL. So we went for it. It has been so fun to play together and have people over to play. Michael and Jenni especially! We just can't get enough of how FUNNY Michael is when he plays! I'll post video's of that later!

Going to Conference
We had the opportunity to go to 2 sessions of conference. What a blessing! We went to the Saturday morning session with Joanna and Cody (Thanks Jan and Jon for the Tickets) and the Sunday afternoon session with Jenni and Michael (Thanks Mom and Dad for the tickets). There's no greater feeling than being there, in the presence of the prophet and his counselors and apostles and church leaders and hearing their wisdom and counsel. It never ceases to amaze me the spirit that is there. We had a great time and are so grateful that we were able to go TWICE!

Jenni and I decided to keep the tradition alive and have Easter together! We made a big, yummy dinner with Ham, Potato Salad, rolls, Jill Jolley's Jello treat, and green bean casserole. We had our friend Brooke over too. AND we got a call from my brother Aaron! I was BEYOND excited to hear from him!! I hadn't talked to him in OVER a year! It brought tears to my eyes to hear his voice! I had been thinking a lot about him during conference, too. What are the Odds!? Since we were having our own little Easter, Ben invited us to go to their house on Saturday for an Easter Egg hunt and dinner. What more could we ask for? Family, friends, conference, good food, chocolate, treats...does life get any better than that? Oh yeah, and the Easter bunny visited our apartment too!

Our camera works!
I put different batteries in it and it worked! For some reason, the brand new batteries that we had put in before, did not work. Oh well!

We are looking forward to Our anniversary in 12 days! Can you believe that we have already been married for a whole YEaR! We are very excited and are planning some kind of romantic get-away. Hopefully! If we find someplace to go!

Looking forward to our trip to Vegas in May with my family!
We are SO excited! It's going to be such a nice little vacation and we only have to travel like 5 hours for it! woo hoo!! I'm so excited to see everyone!

Babies, Babies, Babies!!
By the end of September, there will be 3 new babies in our family! That will make 10 nieces and nephews for us! I am SOOO excited!!!!

I am a TERRIBLE blogger!!
I don't know what my deal is! I've gotta get out of this funk I'm in and get on the ball! I hate feeling like I have SO much catching up to do. PLUS, it makes for a LONG post! But have no fear, I posted pictures to go with it so I think that makes up for the gigantic catch up post!

Well that's our life in a nutshell for now! We are happy, and loving life! We're looking forward to the future and what that holds for us! Love you all!!



steph, you look and sound really happy, I'm so glad! And I was happy to see my napkins on the table! Glad you're using them! So what happened to doing hair? Did you not get your license? I'm sure you told me last time I saw you but I don't remember. I cannot blieve you are working at jenni's work- too funny. I have never been to conference in SLC- You are so lucky! love you!

Emily said...

Whoa, that was a good one. Sounds like you guys have been busy busy busy! Congrats on the job!

Michael playing dodge ball on the wii is also one of my personal favorites.

247th ward? That's just nuts.

Jill said...

So much good stuff! Congrats on the job, good luck with the house hunting, and way to go on Easter dinner! I'm so glad you love the jello!

OK, I keep hearing about Michael and the wii and I've just got to see it for myself one day.

LOVE the pic of you and Jarom with the temple in the background. Happy upcoming anniversary!

Jenni said...

I totally love this post!!! Who cares if it's long, I love those kinds! First of all, The swei jows were fantastic! I absolutely cannot wait for you to work at my work! I keep houding on them, don't worry!! But it'll be a total party! you'll be there in no time, hopefully!

Also, conference and easter was a total success! I had such a great time and felt really fat afterwards for like a full 24 hours. I love the pic of you and Jarom in front of your easter sign! TOO CUTE!

ANNND- michael playing the wii is just the greatest sight in the world! hahahaha thanks for letting us play!

LeAnn said...

SaWeet pics--I am so glad you are having so much fun--This is a great time in your life so live it UP!!
Love you.

Courtenay Beth said...

What a fantastic post sistee! So much goodness! So many blessings :) I love you!!!

jess said...

whew I'm tired after reading your post! lol ;) Glad you found a job! and got to go to Conference! Good luck finding a new place! GLad you're having fun with your wii! Did I leave anything out? OH yeah. WE MISS YOU GUYS. :(


Watson Ink. said...

Looks like you guys are busy folks! haha! I totally am on board with the no blogging thing! I stink at it lately! When you find a cure let me know :)

Carol and Bruce said...

You are an excellent blogger and I enjoyed hearing about all that has been going on and seeing the cute pics.

You guys are adorable and I'm so glad you are happy and doing so well. Can't believe it's your anniversary already. Have a great get away.

Danielle said...

What a nice meaty post! Loved it! I just love how happy you are. That just cracks me up how you got a job with Jenni. Not really surprised I guess! That's great though- good luck with finding a good place to live! Clay and I moved quite a bit at first...always finding cheaper, better places. It's always nice to have a change. I can't believe you've almost been married a year! That has gone by fast:) Love you!!!

Jonathan said...

So how have your first few days gone at work. Hope you are not TOO swamped with all the little things you have to learn. Just take a deep breath! MISS YOU GUYS! Mom Lance (even though I am signed in as Jon)

ARUN P said...

hey nice blog u have.... congrats on ur job. It looks u ppl r so happy n enjoying.... :)