Monday, May 30, 2011


I was looking through some pictures the other day and came across my "belly" pictures from the twins. I was exactly 19 weeks with them in this picture and right now I am 2 days shy of 19 weeks. Holy smoke, I was HUGE! You can definitely see the difference between one baby and two! I remember being really big but seeing how big I am now compared to then, at the exact point in pregnancy, is just plain crazy! I'm so glad I have those pictures! I wish I would have taken some right before I delivered because I was still growing in those last 2 weeks. I wish I could see how big I was then!

I am feeling great! LOVING this stage of pregnancy! Not too big, but big enough that you can tell that I'm pregnant and not just fat! I have been starting to feel her move around in there and I love every single punch and kick! It's so fun and reassuring to feel her move around! She gets really active at night! GREAT! I hope that doesn't stick when she gets here! Jarom was able to feel her on the outside too! So cool! Sometimes he'll come over and shake my belly to see if he can make her move. So cute! I am at the awkward clothes stage though. Not quite big enough to fit into maternity clothes yet but too big for my regular clothes. Mostly pants. Good thing I wear baggy scrubs everyday at work. Those fit just fine!

Speaking of work, I just found out that my last day of work will be the 15th of June! This is earlier than we had planned but the office that I work in is making a lot of changes and won't need me anymore. After losing the twins, we were really paranoid about the next pregnancy and wanted to take every precaution to make sure that we got the new baby here safely. The Doctors were almost positive that I would have to have surgery again so we weren't even planning on me working while pregnant again at all. But since everything is going so well we thought it would be smart for me to keep working at least until we could pay off all of our past hospital bills. We are so close to that and feeling pretty good about this change. Before all of this we had decided that I would be done working at my 3rd trimester so this isn't too much earlier than expected. This job has been so good for us for the time that I had been there and we are so grateful for the financial stability that it gave us. It has been getting a bit stressful for me lately so, we feel like it's time to be done. So that is a big change for us.

Jarom will be starting classes in the fall at UVU. We are so excited to get the ball rolling again! It will be stressful without me working, Jarom starting school and a brand new baby but we are ready for the challenge! I think! :)



So cute! I wish I could feel my baby kicking! You are so lucky! That is so crazy the twin pic vs the today pic! You are so much bigger with twins! I totally have been wearing maternity clothes for almost the whole time! I couldn't fit into my jeans really fast! So glad you posted- I love hearing everything cause we're in the same stage. And I'm so glad you're going ot stop working, it will be so nice for you. love you!

Tyler and Kelly said...

Cute top! You look great!

Emily said...

Pretty sure you're the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!

I love being pregnant, I miss it.

Yay for no more work!!! Good luck with all of the changes coming up, make sure you get lots of rest!

Love you Grel!

Danielle said...

You are SO CUTE! Holy smokes. I'm glad you are gonna stop working! That will be so nice to get things ready and have time before the baby comes. Love you!

Jenni said...

OF COURSE YOUR READY!!! These are all GREAT changes and I am sooooooo freaking happy for you guys!!! Everything couldn't be better! June 15th.. ahhhhhhhhhhh so soon!

you look awesome, steph!!! I'm sad I'm going to miss all the growing! So keep posting pics. Love you!

Amy and Andrew said...

you look adorable!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

How adorable! I can't wait to rub your belly for luck at the wedding. (that's good luck , didn't you know?) well, maybe not. But still! Too cute. :D Love you guys! Jarom, that means you.

Erica and Spencer said...

I just had to say that I am loving reading your blog! I think we need to hang out sometime and compare pregnancy stories... I mean we are next door neighbors for goodness sakes : )