Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She's getting bigger

Went to the Doc today. Always exciting and a little scary for me! Little baby is doing great! :) And so cute already! They did a "detailed scan" today which measures all the important stuff. She looks perfect! Everything looked great and she is growing perfectly, right on schedule! It was so fun to see all the details of her heart and brain and such! I think its so incredible how real she is! She has everything! It's so cool! I could watch her move around all day! She wouldn't let us get a good picture of her face. every time they got close, she put her hand in front of her face like she was saying "No pictures please!" hee hee She's already making us laugh! They still couldn't get a good profile picture of her because when they tried, she was on her belly and wouldn't flip over. They took a picture anyway and It looks pretty cool. You can see her spine really good.

Anyway, we are so happy! We already love her so much and can't wait to meet her! I am so grateful for my health and the health of our perfect little baby! What a blessing!

I try so hard not to worry but everyday is still a struggle for me, so knowing that she is doing so great and growing so healthy and strong is a huge relief!

Hopefully we will only have to go back to the specialist 2 more times! We're hoping that our regular Doctors Office will be able to take care of everything, unless something happens. It's only $26 at our Doc and $200 at the specialist, for an ultrasound! YIKES! That's an extra $400 a month for us! That's a lot!

We are pretty sure that we have picked out her name. We'll see for sure when she comes! Can't wait!

Isn't that cool?! Her legs are to the very left of the pic and her head is on the right. (If you can't tell)
GIRL! Kind of hard to tell in this picture!
Cute little foot! I love it!
Her arm and head.


Cassy said...

How esciting! SO happy for you guys :)

Jenni said...

Those pics are AWESOME!! They get cooler and cooler every time!! I just love her already and cannot WAIT!!!!

Jess said...

awesome pics! so fun that you get them so often-the bill, not so much I'm sure, I hope you guys can just go to your regular doctor soon!


AH!!!! SO cool!!!!! I love it, because we're pretty much on the same schedule, so I can live vicariously through your scans! That sucks you have to spend so much money on the specialist, thankgoodness you don't have to the ENTIRE pregnancy. I'm so glad you adn the baby are healthy! I"m so happy for you guys! Love you!

Carol and Bruce said...

Cute pictures of baby girl, can't wait to meet her either. I just had to drop by and say how adorable you look. Wishing you the very best on the rest of the pregnancy. Love you, can't you just come and visit this Summer?


time for another post please.